Dax Riggs, EFG, Crime Rock

Dax Riggs

Louisiana's own dark star and Orpheus of the underground, Dax Riggs – the fool in your tarot deck – trippin' over his own tombstone, reaching into the atmosphere and pulling spirits from the air. An alchemy of all roots music, doom metal and glam-punk poetry. It sounds like voodoo, feels like redemption and puts off heat like a burning oil rig. In the service of tears and the ghost of all sorrows…say goodnight to the world.

Ex-deadboy and the Elephantmen and ex-Acid Bath's Dax Riggs released his sophomore solo album Say Goodnight To The World on Fat Possum Records. Recorded over two weeks in his home insane asylum with dancing boys of Austin, TX, Charley Siess (drums) and Kevin Fitzsimmons (bass); co-produced with multi-instrumentalist Robbie Lee (Howling Hex, Baby Dee); and mixed with Eric Wofford (Black Angels, Bill Callahan).

Based around the songwriting and epic guitar playing of Imaad Wasif (Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, Alaska!, Folk Implosion), the huge drum sounds of Secret Machines' Josh Garza and the synesthetic bass playing of Tom Biller (producer-Liars, Kate Nash, Warpaint, Karen O.) EFG is a band of outsiders waking the ghosts of rock's most daring days, not following but channeling them into something of the now. One of LA's most electrifying live acts, these three make a vision in sound that lives on its own plane. A Lynchian dream version of a band with the heightened sense to carry music within them as traditionalists do, filtering the influence of the obscure into something newly potent.

Lock Grunge, Jazz, and Film Noir in the same jail cell without hope for early parole and you've got Crime Rock.

The four piece band formed in the winter of 2011, in the noir capital of the world, Los Angeles. Brandon Jordan (formerly of Killradio) sings and plays guitar, Jeff Gray plays the Baritone Sax, Andrew Strickland plays bass, and Fitz Harris plays drums.

Crime Rock's gritty lyrics are story/character driven, similar to a musical re­imagination of great radio crime dramas of the 1940's. Crime Rock's story plots are both biographical and fictional. Jordan's father died tragically and mysteriously at the age of 27. Crime Rock's album "Episode One" fills in the details of this unsolved murder.

Crime Rock's first album "Episode One: Jerome is Burning" was self released in April of 2012. Crime Rock is currently performing "Episode One" in L.A. area nightclubs. Like radio crime dramas of the past, Crime Rock's live performances include theme bumpers, dramatic narratives, and witty commercials from "sponsors" playing between songs as they tune.

Crime Rock's first music video, Flowers By Her Grave, is the first of a three part musical web series based on their debut album "Episode One". Crime Rock is also currently working with students from CSUN's art program to complete a graphic novel. Whether it is through a guitar amp, camera lens or comic book, Crime Rock is the first rock band dead set on telling crime as it is. True to its name, Crime Rock reminds us, No Law Can Stop the Rock.

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Dax Riggs, EFG, Crime Rock

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