Back to School Bourbon Night

Back to School Bourbon Night

Remember the excitement of back-to-school? Brand new colored pencils in rainbow order, picking out a Spider-Man backpack, getting assigned to your desk. Binders and highlighters and mechanical pencils, oh my!

It's been a long time since we felt that pure surge of joy at the bell letting us out for recess, but in September the fresh-start feeling is still in the air.

So this September 12th come join young professionals from all over the city for cocktails and an awesome party to support EdMatch, a local non-profit that raises money to make up for funding inequalities in San Francisco Public Schools. We're a city at the center of economic and technological innovation - and our schools should reflect that.

Host Committee: SF Board of Education Commissioner Matt Haney, Supervisor Malia Cohen, Supervisor Scott Wiener, Elliot Haspel, Kate Maeder, Ashley Meyers, Jeffrey Cretan and Juliana Bunim, Becky Fisher, Cris Garza, Kitt Grant, Hanna Johnson, Erica Levin, Ian Magruder, Kyla Magun, Emma Mayerson, and William Most.

Interested in joining the host committee? Give or raise $250 (10 tickets).

Donations above the ticket price and corporate donations are welcome!

Fundraiser for EdMatch

All funds raised go directly to support EdMatch. More about the organization:
In San Francisco, approximately $6M is raised every year in supplementary funding for schools - mostly by parents and PTAs. The bulk of this "supplementary" money benefits students at only 10-15 campuses out of the 114 public schools in SFUSD. This inequality in funding leads to fewer extracurriculars, a shortage of modern technology, and even sometimes a lack of pencils and paper.
EdMatch seeks to leverage the fundraising already occuring at these 10-15 schools by raising additional funds that are distributed equally across all schools in SF based on student population. The funds raised go directly to the School Site Council (SSC) at each campus, a group of parents, teachers, and administrators from that school community. Then they can decide how best to spend it based on their own students' needs (edMatch approves all spending decisions as a precaution, but the decision is local).



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Back to School Bourbon Night with Fundraiser for EdMatch

Thursday, September 12 · 7:00 PM at Brick & Mortar Music Hall