Mole & The Level Antz

Adam, Mike, Chuck, and Erich were Mole and the Level Antz before it was called that. They went by several other names playing on and off for about a year. Erich and Mike growing up together being cousins have played together since they could hold instruments. Over the years, they added chuck and Adam. Now with Chucks brilliant lyrics and Adams shredding ability they went off to melt faces with their music. After breaking up of artistic differences, Mike would go off to join this new up and coming band Stop 7. Deciding to try something different. He meets Joshua Morgan on the bass for the first time and things just clicked. It turned out to just be a fling with stop 7 and they broke up. Mike then asked desperate Josh to come play bass for them and there lives the legend of the green machine in Mole. Newly reunited Mole, Chuck and Adam back in the picture the line up is finally complete with Mike, Adam, Chuck, Josh, and Erich. each bringing something new to the table. Mole and the Level Antz was finally decided on as the name to stick. It means nothing other than being a play on words. Malevolence being the real meaning behind it, split into 5 words yields Mold and the Level Antz.



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The Lost Horizon


95X LOCALS ONLY with Jonestown, Elevator Death Squad, Jayne Dracula, Mole & The Level Antz, AFR, Deltapanzer, Ire Clad

Saturday, September 14 · 7:00 PM at The Lost Horizon

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