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Marlowe Grey is a blend of dark romantic distant memories coupled with the vibrant fresh breath of living in the moment. This kind of Grey has never looked so vivid and rich in color! Brooklyn-based Marlowe Grey was formed by musicians AJ Pietro and Michael Koslow, with the goal of creating soundscapes that sit on top of AJ's simple, yet emotionally charged songwriting. The current ensemble of AJ, Angel Lozada, Trent Blackham, Alex Wirkmaa and Paula Croxson create vibrant arrangements of sound, layering over a heartfelt foundation with sensitive craftmanship and the subtle tones of the flute. This original combination builds upon strong material while exploring new ways of expression. Marlowe Grey’s new single, ‘Midnight In Brooklyn’ was released this past September and will be followed by an EP, which will break dawn this coming winter.

Eric Dash is a singer/songwriter who just recorded an album in LA with producer Jack Joseph Puig (John Mayer/Goo Goo Dolls/No Doubt). The record sounds like a mix of John Mayer’s “Room For Squares” with a touch of Owl City electronica and Maroon 5 funk. In accompaniment to the music, Eric’s wispy vocals slide through the catchy melodies seamlessly all while he sounds completely authentic about each lyric sang. This is definitely a pop artist on the rise.

Sylvana Joyce & The Moment


MTV, OurStage, CMJ...these are some of the big names in the industry already buzzing about Sylvana Joyce and her band, The Moment. Their intensively eclectic sound, coupled with their riveting performances is a demonstration of supreme musicianship, punk theatrics, and Balkan chutzpah that compare them to the likes of Gogol Bordello, Dresden Dolls, and Grace Potter.
They have opened for soul sister Nikka Costa and the progressive Jazz Rock trio The Aristocrats, and recently played LiftFest 2012 as openers for Lettuce.

After over 100 performances in the past two years all over the Northeast, they are returning to Drom to release their promising debut album, "For You, Comrade", which they succesfully funded through Kickstarter.

To get more info on Sylvana Joyce + The Moment, visit their Facebook Page:

Panic Years was formed in 2008 in Virginia. Amy Miller and Edward Everett wrote a small collection of songs, and, enticed by a larger city decidedly situated on the Eastern Seaboard, the two band mates, both in their twenties and settling into their careers, quit their jobs and moved to Philadelphia. A thriving music city, it has proven to be a prime location from which to tour the Northeast. Soon after their move they met Adam Smith, who had been playing with various musicians throughout the area for several years. Jobless, hopeful, inspired, and unsure of what the future would hold, the trio aptly named the band to fit the times: Panic Years.

In a short time, Panic Years has gained much attention from local press and radio. Additionally, the band has received airplay on over 200 radio stations nationally, garnering the term “radio darlings” from Philadelphia Weekly. In 2011 they shared bills with The Airborne Toxic Event, Atomic Tom, and The Naked and Famous, among others.

Every Flavor Weather Machine

Every Flavor Weather Machine writes music's future in the creamy wax of its gleeful past with a stylus made of dropped bombs and honky-tonk.

Picture this: dreamy, folk-inspired tunes ignited by an aspiring musician's simple stroll in the city or while immersed in his own thoughts on a meaningless train ride. The concept seems almost too organic of an approach to songwriting to exist in the modern rock scene. Enter NYC's Stone Cold Fox - a group that echoes that exact raw musicianship and towers above anything you've ever heard because of it.

What started out as an acoustic bedroom project in NYC soon morphed into a full-on group and solidified its presence with feel-good elements of rock and pop. Founders Kevin Olken (lead vocalist/guitarist) and Ariel Loh (producer/synth) draw their musical influences from Radiohead, The Walkmen, Andrew Bird and more. Stone Cold Fox's exceptional musicianship grew from a place of deep-seeded knowledge, rooted in the members' early experimentation with a variety of genres. "I composed a bunch of hip hop beats from when I was 15 until 18, a lot of it composed from scratch and a lot from sampling vinyl. Everything was self-taught," explains Loh. Olken has a similar story to tell, "I started to play guitar when I was 9. My dad had constantly played me blues all my life - I was fascinated and it just made sense for me to play the guitar. I started classical, but quickly transitioned to rock and blues."

The group's debut EP, The Young, is a thematic declaration of nostalgia that reflects on tales of loneliness and of leaving home too soon, an all-too-familiar chapter in life that's perfectly captured with its emotionally-charged lyrics. Stone Cold Fox certainly leaves no stone left unturned with this record, making full use of layered keyboards and synths while maintaining a dazzlingly organic sound to create instant ear candy. Fusing emotion with extravagance, Stone Cold Fox has an instant knack for spoiling listeners with a splash of sweet sing-alongs that will leave you humming along to its larger than life choruses and adding an extra hop in your step with its toe-tapping melodies.

The Young sets the bar high for the undeniable talent that this rapidly budding group has to offer and further proves that they're on the cusp of something great. Barely a year since their inception, Stone Cold Fox has made an indefinite place for themselves that is certain to propel them far ahead of their contemporaries. Think of their debut EP as only the beginning of an honest musical journey by indie rock's newest darlings.



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Back to School Special ft. Marlowe Grey (CMJ) with Eric Dash, Sylvana Joyce & The Moment, Panic Years, Every Flavor Weather Machine, Stone Cold Fox

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