The Morning After, The Grand Olde Uproar

The Morning After

The Morning After is a different kind of band. Imagine an eclectic Motown sound, fueled by bluegrass, dripping with soul with just a touch of latin and jazz and you'll get the idea. Lead vocalist, Rachel Koontz employs a commanding, soulful style reminiscent of the Motown sound of the 60's and 70's. Pattie "Pips" Hopkins adds a rich, soulful voice to balance Rachel's exactly and her soaring violin and fiddle abilities are the icing on the cake. The backline of Jamie Dawson on bass and Mike Rosado on drums evokes passion and soul, driving the band like Detroit steel. The Morning After is rounded out by virtuoso banjo and mandolin players Hank Smith and Shawn Chase who add intertwining melodies like a rich, musical conversation. Did you notice there's no mention of a guitar? They get it done without one. All together, The Morning After will entertain you with a high energy, eclectic mix of soul, rock, jazz, Latin and bluegrass that makes the audience insane for more!"

The Grand Olde Uproar

The Grand Ole Uproar cooks up a musical gumbo with the Texas twang of Waylon Jennings and Doug Sahm, the electric carnival of Dylan, the improvisation of the Grateful Dead, and the laid-back swampy sound of J.J. Cale, as well as many other (and older) songs and artists in the American tradition.

It wants to visit your town and leave you howlin' for more in the barrooms and on the late-night avenues. You might say, "I don't know if it's the weather or what..." while down in your gut, the Uproar plays country songs about Saturday night, the lit-up life, or somebody who's down on their luck.

$8.00 - $10.00


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The Morning After, The Grand Olde Uproar

Thursday, October 24 · Doors 10:00 PM / Show 10:30 PM at The Evening Muse