Black Sabbitch, Black Hi-Lighter, Burning Jet Black

Black Hi-Lighter

Fronted by the larger-than-life James Poulos, Black Hi-Lighter is a four-piece group of master musicians who are what you really mean when you say 'Rock N' Roll.' Black Hi Lighter's relentless rock anthems are met with an emotional richness that begs comparison to Bowie, Queen, and the full list of the genre's legends. Poulos' immediately identifiable croon is backed up perfectly with Grammy winner Eric Liljestrand's shredding guitar and Dave Wright's massive bass lines. Rhythm veteran Mark Reback pulls it all together with unyielding drumming. The band's self-released debut album, 'Bite the Bullet,' was met with widespread critical acclaim. The phrase 'something to watch out for,' was used to the point of hilarity. Take one listen, though, and you understand why.

"Bite The Bullet might be the best glam album of 1974, replete with James Poulos’ vocal affectations, guitarist Eric Liljestrand’s sense of the appropriate and the in-the-pocket grooves of bassist David Wright and drummer Mark Reback." - Alternative Press

"Highland Park quartet Black Hi-Lighter makes you feel like you’re caught between T. Rex and a hard place. The foursome of James Poulos, Eric Liljestrand, Mark Reback and David Wright are loud and proud and brash without resorting to Xeroxing bands whose ghosts haunt those 1970s videos uploaded to YouTube... “Bite the Bullet,” (is) an in-your-face collection of guitar jams that chew through glam, punk and garage-rock rock as if escapist bombast were a new drug. - Kevin Bronson, Buzzbands.LA

"[A]n intoxicating glitter-garage sound that slithers and stomps with the best of them [...]. Bite The Bullet sounds like a breakthrough waiting to happen. We're hopping on the hype train early." - Origami Vinyl

"Highland Park's own glitter-garage contenders bust out with a tuff slice of classic stomp n' roll! James' vocals sneer and howl while the band churns out pummeling, no-nonsense trash riffs in the engine room. Hot stuff, could be big!" - Amoeba Music

Black Sabbitch

Ozzy Era Black Sabbath done with incredible authenticity by amazingly talented women.

Black Sabbitch is the brainchild of Angie Scarpa (drums) and Blare N. Bitch (guitar). Coming from the world of original music, each woman was already considered to be among the best at what they do, Blare having lead the all girl powerhouse Betty Blowtorch and Angie drumming for post punk thrashers The Art of Safecracking. Friends for over a decade, Angie and Blare decided to get together one night and play some Sabbath and from the first downbeat of "War Pigs" they knew they had something special. Blare's distinctive, left handed lead style and Gibson SG make her the virtual clone of Tony Iommi (with a few obvious differences.) and Angie literally learned to play using the early Sabbath catalogue as a teacher. Hearing her play it is uncanny how similar her style is to legendary Sabbath skinsman Bill Ward.

Having never considered the idea of doing a "tribute" or cover band the girls decided to simply call themselves THE All Female Black Sabbath, taking the name Black Sabbitch and setting out to recruit their Geezer and Ozzy. Melanie Makaiwi was their first choice for a bass player, having played bass with Angie in The Art of Safecracking and having lead her own band Penny Dreadfuls. Just like Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler, Melanie began her career as a lead guitarist later falling in love with the bass and never going back. Angie and Melanie play instinctually with one another. Close your eyes and you will swear you are listening to Butler and Ward.

The vocal spot required a true star so the Sabbitch girls turned to their long time friend Aimee Echo, legendary front woman of alt-metal Ozzfest alumni, Human Waste Project and dance punk veterans theSTART. Aimee sings Ozzy's parts with a howling authenticity that gives the girls the ability to go deep into the Sabbath catalogue and play songs like "Hole in the Sky" and "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" that you'll never hear the boys do. This ain't no wig wearing bunch of weekend warriors.

Black Sabbitch have since been selling out shows and wowing even the most difficult to please Sabbath fanatics, gaining a rabid fan base. In May of 2015 they will open for Ozzy Osbourne himself at the inaugural Ozzfiesta, hand picked by Sharon and Ozzy for the coveted spot.

LA Weekly recently said of Black Sabbitch, "Finally Black Sabbitch took the stage and pretty much melted everyones' faces. The all-female Black Sabbath... were not only talented - nailing every note of the legendary group's familiar repertoire - but were captivating to an almost distracting level. Looking up at them from the crowd (which had erupted into a mosh pit...) I couldn't help but wonder what these women's stories were. They emanated the effortless cool of rock and roll, but with about 10 extra ounces of sexy confidence."

Burning Jet Black

In the future, robots will perform all the music we listen to. Thumping bass and electronic blips will destroy all the pure emotion and visceral experience of the music we once knew. Meanwhile, in the here and now, Burning Jet Black is fighting hard against this automatic (re)/(de)volution. Fingers dancing on the fretboard, legs shaking on the kick drum...and sweat dripping off their brows, from the genuine heat of the crowd. This is music with a pulse...and the heart to keep it beating.

"While your friends are growing up and taking vows, you're still giving all your body will allow..." is the declaration that ignites Magazine Girl, their first single. An apt observation of the tragic heroine of the song and of Burning Jet Black themselves. The industry is that model past her prime, desperately whimpering for your attention, but not offering anything in return. This band, however, is offering something real, something that screams for you to be immersed in it, and they're on the fast ascent, keeping in mind: "We come TOGETHER, or we fall apart."

Assuming it would be possible to start over again, knowing all the things you know now, it would be a no-brainer. The band functions with this hypothetical ethic; only using the experience of the past to look forward, instead of back. Comprised of David Bloomfield (lead guitar), David Sparrow (vox/guitar), Jeff Bell (drums), and Rob Hughes (bass) you get a band that clicks. You'll hear it, it will sink down into the depths of your soul, and then you'll know. Burning Jet Black is alive and kicking and they will not quiet down.

Their debut EP "The Modern Egotist" is out now.

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Black Sabbitch, Black Hi-Lighter, Burning Jet Black

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