The Bluffs, Bur Gur, Evan Geesman

The Bluffs

The Bluffs is a psychedelic folk-rock band started in 2011 by Nathan Bennett and Zach Baldwin.

Bur Gur

Evan Geesman

Geesman doesn't so much command his woodsy tenor as allow it to weave its own way through cozy melodies and guitar chords that somehow manage to sound urgent and languid at the same time. That voice is the real deal; zero pretense. Zero gimmick. The songs it carves out are clever--even puckish--but have the dusty wisdom of a tune half remembered and probably older than any of us. Geesman is the kind of songwriter that other songwriters try to be in that he makes it sound so simple. Here's to hoping he manages to keep it simple for a long, long time.



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