Night Riots is an American rock band formed in the central coast of California. The band consists of Nick Fotinakes (Guitar), Travis Hawley (Vocals), Matt DePauw (Guitar), Mikel Van Kranenberg (Bass), and Rico Rodriguez (Drums). In 2011 the band was featured as one of the top unsigned bands in a competition for Rolling Stone Magazine.[1] In 2012 MTV called the band one of "The Most Criminally Overlooked Artists Of 2012".[2] Night Riots have most notably opened for Aerosmith, The Script, Angels and Airwaves, and Youngblood Hawke. The band was previously known as "PK" until 2013 when they changed their name for copyright reasons.

The Wright Brothers

Jonny, Jacob, Joe and Jeremy Wright are four of seven siblings who were raised in a musical household. With innumerable rock, pop, progressive, electronic and classical music influences- "The Wright Brothers" music is the culmination of discovering, learning, playing, studying and writing music since they were children.

In the vein of the next generation of bands who are carrying the torch sparked by bands like U2, with anthemic songs: Muse, Coldplay, M83, Sigur Ros, Angels and Airwaves, Thirty Seconds to Mars, and Imagine Dragons, to name a few- The Wright Brothers tendancy is to lean toward the sonically cinematic as a rock form, bringing soaring, melodic, uplifting, orchestral, and sometimes ambient elements to the already big guitars, heavy drums, keys, piano and synths that are featured in their music.

On Christmas Day, 2012- The Wright Brothers released their self-produced, inaugural EP "You, Me and the Universe" - a collection of 6 songs that all carry the underlying theme of love, romance, awe, wonder, exaltation, joy and elation.
The concept of "You, Me, and the Universe" - as depicted by the title and cover art, which portrays silhouettes of a young boy and girl, holding hands as they gaze into the grandeur of deep space- is the concept of innocence, youth and romance, juxtaposed against the awe and wonder of the vastness of existence. It is this perspective of love, awe and wonder that inspires the music of The Wright Brothers- a feeling that they hope translates sonically through their music.

Driver Friendly

Three years after the release of their successful debut full length, Chase the White Whale, Driver Friendly knew something had to change. The music industry was shifting, their lives were headed in separate directions, the future of the band was in question. The band was at a crossroads: call it quits after nine years of making music together or do something drastic. The answer was a retreat to a cabin in the Appalachian Mountains. A place where they could create without distractions or limitations. A place where they promised they wouldn't leave until they had a new album ready to be recorded. With the help of an avid, loyal fanbase, Kickstarter, and producer Jim Vollentine, they raised the funds necessary to record and release their newest album, Bury a Dream. The 11 new songs on the record replicate the high-energy and soaring, melodic hooks of past releases, but also reflect a bold evolution in the band's songwriting capabilities. The title at first reading may appear ominous, predicting the end of something great. Yet it merely hides the full lyric, "Bury a dream, watch it grow," declaring that dreams can die, but sometimes they must pass away in order to grow into something entirely new and beautiful. Driver Friendly is a band reborn with a new found sense of urgency to get their music to as many ears as possible. Look for them this summer on an extensive national tour and the international release of the album April, 24 2012.

Project Cole Patterson

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Project Cole Patterson

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Project Cole Patterson

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