The Kidney Stones CD RELEASE!!!! PARTY TIME!!!

The Kidney Stones

The Kidney Stones started out just like any other band; sitting in the pub at 4am, talking about accordions and St Patrick’s Day 2006. Coming from metal, ska, jazz and of course punk rock genres, an Irish pub band was the obvious solution.
The band lasted 2 years before realizing it’s potential as a genuine rock band, writing its own songs and playing more than just Irish drinking songs. The original music that spawned from the Kidney Stones in these early years melded the framework for the bold, outrageous, Guinness-soaked music that still sprouts from the Kidney Stones today.
The bands influences are once again typical; ranging from the Pogues, Pantera, Hepcat, Fear, Gypsy Kings, Rage Against the Machine and of course the great Neil Diamond. With all these influences, anything can come out of the Kidney Stones at any time. A Viking metal intro will turn into a beer slinging dance party. French accordion waltzes turn into southern rock. Irish jigs turn into, well, louder irish jigs!
On the 5 year anniversary of the band, they decided to add another key member to the band. It just so happens that the drummers soon to be wife is an amazingly talented fiddle player. It was too perfect to pass up. The Kidney Stones are now complete with a lineup of fiddle, accordion, harmonicas and of course guitar, drums and bass.
The Kidney Stones are now in their 7th year as a band, and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Coming soon to a pub near you.



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The Kidney Stones CD RELEASE!!!! PARTY TIME!!!

Friday, September 27 · 9:00 PM at Will's Pub