Andy Butler (Hercules & Love Affair)

Andy Butler (Hercules & Love Affair)

It was always meant to be this way. When Andy Butler founded Hercules And Love Affair in 2006, his vision was to create something that was in a constant state of flux. A revolving door policy when it comes to singers. Evolving sounds to keep things fresh. Never getting too comfortable with a particular sound. Relentlessly exciting.

Famously, Antony Hegarty of Antony and the Johnsons sang on Hercules and Love Affair’s 2008 debut single, Blind; six minutes of future retro-disco voted the Song of the Year by Pitchfork. Taking his lead, Kim Ann Foxman, Kele Okereke, Nomi Ruiz, Area Negrot, Shaun and Mark Pistel have all contributed vast swathes of talent over the subsequent years.

Hercules and Love Affair will always be ruled by Butler’s encyclopedic knowledge of 40 years of NYC dance music, from disco to house and beyond to the DFA era; the effortless way he distills that knowledge into timeless grooves; soulful, classic house-inspired vocals; and that bittersweet, delicious nocturnal melancholy that the best dance music has always tapped, the joy of dancing away a broken heart at 4am.

The latest diva to lend his vocal skills to HALA is Stef Gustaph. Butler saw Stef perform at a club he was DJing at in Ghent, Belgium. ‘He was vocalising in that way that classic house singers used to do,’ says Butler. ‘Like one of the best of the best house vocalists. I thought: I’ve got to get that guy to sing with me.’

The current line is underpinned by Mark Pistel; co-producer, muse, sometime guitarist and bass player, and member since 2009, whose musical journey began as founding member of the radical activist band Consolidated and has led to this point – working with Andy, himself a huge fan of industrial music.

In addition to the new HALA album, Butler is also set to contribute to German record label K7!’s benchmark DJ mix series, ‘DJ Kicks’. There are few people who know more about dance music history than Andy Butler, but he combines it with an approach that’s bang up to date, recontextualising classic tracks with disco that sounds like it’s been beamed in from the 22nd Century. It’s a riveting prospect, released in October 2012.

Butler has also overhauled Hercules and Love Affair’s live show, inserting new songs alongside highlights from the previous records. He’s one of the most colourful characters in dance music and Hercules And Love Affair are a hugely entertaining proposition on stage, as varied and vibrant as the New York nightlife that nurtured them.

Eli Escobar is the quintessential New York City DJ. Over the past ten years he's built a reputation around his parties, emerging as one of the most talented in the NY dance scene. With a style based on his diverse tastes, Eli subversively drops his influences and personal favorites into even the most commercial of sets. Anyone who knows anything about dance music knows Eli Escobar, and if you don't, you will. What Eli brings to the table in his production, through the looking glass of his career is an understanding of music's sustainability. Eli strives to enhance people's experience with music wholly - through playing out, his blog, the remixes and now full circle by producing his album. It's a natural progression that has seen Eli's following steadily grow, with heightened anticipation for what's next.

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Andy Butler (Hercules & Love Affair) with Eli Escobar

Friday, September 27 · 11:59 PM at Cameo Gallery

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