Write Club

Write Club

WRITE CLUB. Literature as blood sport. Prize money to charity.

WRITE CLUB - "Best Literary Event," 2013 Chicago Reader Poll; "Best Live Reading Series," 2013 Chicago Magazine's Best of Chicago

"The punchiest thing to hit literature since Hemingway" - Chicago Reader

3 bouts of
2 opposing writers/2 opposing ideas (assigned in advance)
7 minutes apiece
Audience picks a winner
Cut of proceeds to charities of the winners' choosing

Only $10! Cash only! ATM on site!

Join Overlord Ian Belknap upon who presides over these ass-kickingly festive holiday bouts.

As ever, the real star of the show, Timekeeper Lindsay Muscato will keep things weird.

Our combatants do battle for the charity of their choosing, and the coveted Loving Cup of Deathless Fucking Glory:

Emily Rose (GIVE) vs. J.w. Basilo (RECEIVE)
Chris Schoen (SANTA) vs. Whit Nelson (JESUS)
Sean Cooley (NAUGHTY) vs. Ian Belknap (NICE)

$10 at the door

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Write Club

Tuesday, September 17 · 7:00 PM at The Hideout