Hess is More

Hess is More

H.I.M. is a band... and more ?

Danish composer & musician Mikkel Hess functions as minister of integration, yet It is all about the collaborations.
H.I.M. is ultimately the sum of all the great artists that are and have been part of the concerts, projects, parties, films, plays, studio sessions, travels and more. Find some of the key players mentioned below.

Dade County Youth Faire

Original music, ceremonies, kids’ parties and funerals.

Youthfaire, the brainchild of musician/composer Julio Monterrey, creates ultra-unique and tailored scoring and soundtracks that complement and enhance films, online videos and websites for filmmakers, agencies, brands and web enthusiasts.

With influences from early electronica and Jazz, Youthfaire offers up a melodious mixture of soundscapes that create a vast variety of distinctive textures and moods.

Youthfaire’s musical talents have been featured on pieces for GE, TED, Levi’s, Gap, Audi, VImeo, Google, Tribeca Awards, Jonathan Harris, Poptech, Sundance Channel, the 99u Conference, and the Webby award-winning series Cool Hunting Video.

Listening Center

Listening Center is the alias of drummer and electronic musician, David Mason. Drawing primarily from influences such as the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, lost film/TV soundtracks, and Kosmische Musik, Listening Center presents a patchwork of imagined pasts/futures, in which the listener can make his or her way through an undergrowth of dream-like melodies and electronic sound palettes which have the effect of being now reassuring, now unsettling.

$8.00 - $10.00

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Cameo Gallery


Hess is More with Dade County Youth Faire, Listening Center

Tuesday, September 17 · 8:00 PM at Cameo Gallery

Tickets Available at the Door