Formed in the summer of 2003, Zander has been dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what a rock-and-roll band should or should not do. Pulling from a variety of musical backgrounds and influences, Zander could quite possibly be described as a prog-rock band without the possible pretentiousness that comes along with such a label. But the truth is, labels do not have a place in their music. Their work has no definitive genre and has no boundaries. Perhaps it falls in line with their philosophy that to pidgeon-hole bands these days is detrimental to the art and craft of making music, and in reality all of these genres and subgenres are just different sides of the same object: music.

Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Zander has performed countless shows at venues in and around the greater Pittsburgh area, performing to a number of sold out houses at Mr. Smalls Theater, and gone on tour through the midwest, performing in Pittsburgh and Erie Pennsylvania, Kent, Ohio, and Fredonia, New York, to name a few.

Zander is passionately dedicated to self-production and has a solid “DIY” attitude when it comes to making their music. All music is written, arranged, performed, recorded, and produced by Zander themselves. We believe that in this golden age of technology and the rather shattered reality of today’s music scene, it’s important to learn the intricacies of producing your own music. It’s easier than ever to get your music out to an audience, and Zander takes full advantage of this idea.

Although Zander has had a number of personnel changes throughout their career, the band has always been and continues to be comprised of three core members: Logan Davis on guitar, Mike Toski on bass, and Bill Harris on drums. This trio has a long-standing relationship, and a deep friendship that goes back many years. This relationship is a key aspect to Zander’s music: the sound of Zander can only be made when these three personalities get together.

Zander is:

Logan Davis – Guitars
Michael Toski – Bass
Bill Harris – Drums



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ZANDER with Sailor Jerrys Shatter Brains

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