White Denim

When a band's first album is unpredictable enough to invoke comparisons with artists as wildly diverse as hardcore innovators the Minutemen and professorial idiosyncrasy of Randy Newman, then you can reasonably assume its been made by people who care about music. Lots of it. Jazz, punk, funk, country, acid rock, even piano ballads – all these labels have been used, accurately, to describe White Denim. There second album, Fits is effortlessly fun. There are more elements of jazz and soul than previously. Vocals sit in the mix rather than on top, effectively another instrument. The playing is, again, deft without being showy, and there are melodic hooks to spare.

White Denim's new album, Fits, comes out October 20th!

No Coast

No Coast delivers a mix of surf, punk, and rock and roll that had many jumping around. No Coast is very different from any project that the members have previously been in, and the fact that these musicians have been in the scene for so long only compliments their songwriting.

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White Denim with No Coast

Tuesday, October 22 · Doors 8:00 PM / Show 9:00 PM at Radio Radio

Tickets Available at the Door