Bless These Sounds Under the City, Norm N' Norma, Dollar Signs, The Mineral Girls, The Menders

Bless These Sounds Under the City

Bless These Sounds Under The City is one of the most passionately interesting duos to emerge from the Queen City. These two guys are quickly perfecting synthetics, adding hues of electric folk and golden melodies to build a symphonic sound that is yet to be matched in originality around Charlotte. Pulling out iconoclastic instruments such as a Glockenspiel and even a melodica to inspire their live performances, frankly, this band knows how to create.

Norm N' Norma

kyle (the emotron) & catherine (midtown dickens) touring across the country playing "rowdy, vulnerable songs about the social pressures of being normal"

Dollar Signs

Too fast for folk shows! Too quiet for punk shows! Too serious for comedy gigs! Too funny for art gallery openings!
Started in 2009 Dollar Signs uses music as a vessel to poke fun at the music scene, the audience, and most of all, themselves. Incorporating bitter honesty with a tongue-in-cheek sarcasm Dollar Signs shouts their way through exploring topics of loneliness, alcoholism, dilapidated apartments, and of course, fast food. Really though, Dollar Signs just does this to sell t-shirts and pick up girls.

The Mineral Girls

post-internet emotive indie pop.

The Menders

four piece acoustic band, blending folk, blues, rock, country, bluegrass awesome twang...

$5.00 - $7.00


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