What Son? Collective Showcase

What Son? Collective Showcase

What Son? Collective, often abbreviated “WS?” for ease of usage, is an artists collective comprised of mainly musicians, producers and emcees who all share the same dream of upward mobility and elevated expression.

The name loosely derives from the freshman dorm hall of founder Midas Bison, “Watson,” the name which was later manipulated with large help by ridiculously talented musician August Luc into “What Son?.” The tone of the question is more inquisitive rather than aggressive for those saying it out loud.

The goal of WS? is to expose a plethora of artists, not strictly music makers but any type of artistic folks that have a consistent faith in collaboration and can work with the visionaries involved. Producers from one coast making beats for a rapper in the other. Members creating multimedia performances and collaborative live events. Albums upon albums of quality music supported by a loyal WS? family base.

Toadbeat x Leet Moteef x Marmalade x Jack Friel x Solaris 6 x Secret Beach x CK Dakilla x Helio Sown x Q’buhhh x Gooey Noodles x MADMAIN

These artists, fronted by Midas Bison, have dreams to create WS? festivals, extensive WS? tours, unique merchandise and every form of fantastic experiment possible.

We are certain this collective will contribute towards the quality work of the current artistic and music scene in a real and individual way.

Midas Bison

Midas Bison makes music of all varieties, often combining different traits in the same songs to accomplish a sort of sonic imagery. Each EP has a stylistic intention behind it and the tones within the piece are meant to express a theme or motif, whether it be the phenomena of the woods, the imagination of a child with a Gameboy, or the deepest depths of the Pacific. Each EP is meant to stand alone as it is, as a cohesive work that maintains a thematic atmosphere, regardless of genre or label. Midas has played a few shows in the Madison area with nationally touring artists such as Maps and Atlases, Chad Valley, Ghost Beach, Mutts and Kids and Explosions.

Midas also founded the What Son? Collective, a group of musicians and artists dedicated to positive promotion, serious artistic communities, and elevated experimental expression.

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What Son? Collective Showcase with Midas Bison, Nagaina, Leet Moteef, Young Fantom, Madison Maine, Cuddle Crafts

Sunday, September 15 · 8:00 PM at High Noon Saloon