Crash Course In Science

Crash Course In Science

Crash Course in Science (CCIS) has developed a completely unique sound some call tight ‘minimal synth electro techno body wave’. The band began when art school students Dale Feliciello, Mallory Yago and Michael Zodorozny became intrigued by punk music and performance art. They began to experiment with crude electronics and off beat writing, and the raw homemade electronic sounds they created became the vocabulary of the band’s music.

CCIS released “Cakes in the Home” a seven inch vinyl single on Go Go Records in 1979, followed by the twelve inch “Signals From Pier Thirteen” in 1981. The latter contained the club hits “Cardboard Lamb” and “Flying Turns”. At that time CCIS performed in clubs and galleries in New York City and Philadelphia, including Hurrah, The Hot Club, and CBGB. Several appearances on the cult television show “The Uncle Floyd Show” increased their visibility in the early ‘80’s.

In 2007 and 2009 CCIS released twelve inch singles on Terence Fixmer’s labels “Planete Rouge” and “Jupiter” in France. These two singles feature the tracks “Cardboard Lamb” and “Flying Turns” and contain remixes by Vitalic, David Carretta, Terence Fixmer, Danton Eeprom, and the band themselves. Vinyl On Demand Records in Germany released the “Crash Course in Science” box set in the fall of 2009 which contained their debut album “Near Marineland,” as well as an album of live recordings and re-pressings of previous singles, plus bonus tracks.

Since the release of the box set, CCIS has performed several concerts in Europe including Bimfest 2009 in Antwerp and the Rewind–mini-Fest in Gent in 2010, accompanied by original producer John Wicks and Andrea Beeman, The Enchantress of Bioluminosity.

The Bad Doctors

The Bad Doctors are releasing their first full length album, “Burning City” in May. The sound of The Bad Doctors comes from a concentrated study of new-wave and the goth side of post-punk, paired with an extensive array of synthesizers and electronics. They’ve become conceptually stronger through each of their earlier releases (Distractions, Spit It Out, RE-Animate), and “Burning City" is easily their most ambitious project to date. A sonic map of the human spirit: ecstatic, decadent, and tragic all at once. It traces our flights of passion, stands knee-deep in our flooded basements, and walks our collapsing back-alleys.

From the opening notes it’s apparent how important the synthesizers are for the over-all tone of the record, leaping forward while the band itself catches up. Combined with precision drumming, melodic bass lines, driving guitar riffs, and poetic lyrics, The Bad Doctors bring a tumult of orchestrated electronic madness into a groundbreaking study of pop song structures. The band has crafted a hybrid of post-punk, new-wave, dance, and indie that keeps you in a modern timeframe while also sounding eerily like a record that could have been in the vaults of Factory records.

A few months back, the "Re-Animate" EP was released digitally as a teaser for “Burning City”, which is free on the FDH records band camp page. While the title track could have been slipped into a Gary Numan record without notice, songs like “Prism, Mirror, Lens” are harder to pin down. The EP features three songs from the record, giving a taste of how seamlessly “Burning City” integrates electronics, post-punk, and speedy dance beats.

After a few listens, this record seeps its way into the darkest labyrinths of your mind, projecting it’s glittering glass and surreal nightmares onto the cities we live in. While it is bound to make you nostalgic for the 1980’s, “Burning City” is more than just another new-wave clone.

Void Vision is Shari Vari.



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