Starting in 2008, after Cody Carson, then a student at the Oberlin College Conservatory of Music in Ohio, decided that his true passion was the road, and creating music that fans alike could relate to, moved home, where he reconnected with Kerr, Something and Clermont.

In the past year, the Tampa Florida based band released their second EP, Calm Before the Storm; played the Warped Tour; racked up nearly a dozen endorsements and were featured on Friends Or Enemies and in Alternative Press and Substream magazines. They are tireless performers, racking up some 200 gigs on a more than 10 tours since July 2008; racking past 80,000 miles on their van and even more voracious self-promoters, always looking for ways to connect with their many fans online and in person. They know the fans are what drives their career, so they do as much as possible to interact with them.

Feeling they've grown up from their trendy beginnings and tired with the generic sound in the scene as a whole, they’ve focused on developing a new sound for themselves, something they like to call “Orchestral Pop”, fusing their classical backgrounds (Carson and Clermont were both in Jazz band) with pop music, something they hope, will “Set It Off” in the industry.

$10.00 - $13.00


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Friday, September 13 · Doors 6:00 PM at The Orpheum