Briana Lynn Wolf

Briana Lynn Wolf is a graduate from Westminster College of the Arts at Rider University. She Graduated with a Bachelors in music, concentration in musical theater at age 20. She has an Associates Degree from Simon's Rock College of Bard with a concentration in Acting. Briana has been performing since she was 8 years old, starting off in community theater and building from there. She started writing music at a young age, but did not take it seriously until she was 16. She plays piano and guitar, but is a lyricist and a vocalist at heart. She loves to act and plans to pursue her acting dreams as well as her singer-songwriter dreams, counting them both equally important. Briana is determined to make her aspirations come true, and when her sights are set on something, you bet she will work hard to achieve it.

Extended Play

Madam's Animal

Madam's Animal is a New York-based rock band consisting of Benjamin Raffalli, Sean Hanley, Jacob Rose, and Max Finkelstein. Their sound draws inspiration from the hard rock of the 1980's and 90's, bringing that spirit back to the current rock scene.

Back in 2009, best friends Benjamin Raffalli and Jacob Rose decided to start a band called Jen The Girlfriend, in which they were the only members. Benjamin sang and wrote the lyrics and Jacob played the ukulele. It soon became apparent that other members would be needed to make such a band work, and so they started looking for other talented musicians with similar musical ideals. In 2010, they found an incredibly talented guitarist named Sean Hanley, who fit into the picture perfectly. The search for a drummer and a bassist proved to be more difficult. After searching so long for a bassist, Jacob decided to drop the whole ukulele thing and start playing bass himself, as both instruments were 4 strings. The trio began to write songs together while waiting for the right drummer to show up, sticks in hand. The band, still Jen The Girlfriend, was at a standstill for 3 years until finally, in 2013, the band found Max Finkelstein, who clicked instantly with the rest of the group. And so, after several years of hard work, dreaming, and searching, the band was finally complete. With new members, new sounds, and new songs, came a change to the groups dynamic. They renamed themselves Madam's Animal and officially began their journey to change Rock N' Roll forever.

Cole Lumpkin is a nineteen-year old multi-instrumentalist and producer from the heart of New York City who composes and performs a synthesis of progressive rock, fusion, and experimental music in various forms with various musicians. He has a natural attraction to a multitude of genres including blues, reggae, jazz, heavy metal and acid rock as well as jam rock and improvisational music.

Having performed at many classic rock venues in and out of New York City including Sullivan Hall, B.B. Kings, Bower Poetry Club, The Naumburg Bandshell, National Underground, Mexicali Live, Brooklyn Bowl, The Yippie Café, Don Hills, Smash Studios, and others.

Cole is planning to continue into the summer, playing more shows and new music with a tight live band. He is also in the midst of recording his debut album, which will be on the market sometime in the beginning of Fall 2013.



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Briana Lynn Wolf with Extended Play, Madam's Animal, Cole Lumpkin

Saturday, October 5 · 7:00 PM at Ella Lounge