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Cloud Rats


Last year, Gilead Media nailed it—"it" being something tangibly awesome—by releasing the Untitled EP by Minnesota black metal jaw-droppers False. With two songs spanning 12-minutes each, Untitled had the length to explore early Emperor-ian majesty, with a little of Gehenna's mid-period key-centric nastiness, and Tombs' dark hardcore tendencies. Well, False fans, black metal from the North Star State has evolved. No, they're not doing Kraftwerk covers or Swedish folk songs, but with a new epic, this time spanning a fjord-like 18-minutes, False are proving they're the best black metal band on nobody's radar.
By Chris D. - Decibel

3 Piece. Doom.

GEMINI is finally getting released on vinyl and Fister will be playing the record from front to back for the first time ever.



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