Nick Miller

Nick Miller

These recordings have been my project over the last 4 years. I made them in my bedroom(s) and played many shows with just my acoustic guitar. As luck would have it, I opened for my friends' band Why Intercept? and they offered to back up my music. I called upon the talents of my friend Kate Drown on keyboards to fill out our band, Nick Miller and The Neighbors (or NMATN, which makes me think of TMNT personally). We've been lucky enough to play Ronny's (RIP), Bottom Lounge, Schuba's, and (soon) The Metro. We love what we do and you need to see us.

Property of Saints

Property of Saints. A group of the wildest, wailin'est musicians to come down the pike since blind men and sound and fury. Herewith collected are the recorded energies produced by two women who were thrown together by the Chicago winter. Here are Property of Saints, the old, the new, the current. Here are the tunes that give you an instant reason to be turned on. Here is today." -Don Steele, Boss-Jock, KHJ, Hollywood .. ..
.. Property of Saints formed in the fall of 2009, and have since enjoyed performing on the stages of Chicago venues such as the Elbo Room, Subterranean, Beat Kitchen, Reggie's, Ronny's, The Abbey Pub, Uncommon Ground, DePaul University, and more. They are always interested in working together with venues and artists in the area, and encourage interested Chicagoans to contact them. They also encourage their lovely and loyal fans to chat with the band, chat amongst themselves, and support Chicago musicians so that this great thing called music stay in motion. Much love, -Property of Saints
Abby: Vox, Guitar, Mandolin. .. Christie: Bass, Acoustic Guitar. .. Drumming on "Whiskey" and "77th Street" provided by Mr. Allen Wynczewski. .. .. ..
Any song or band that has ever rocked, rolled, or created something truly fantastic...
Sounds Like:
Having a childhood crush on Jim Morrison and David Bowie. .. ..


"Audiences are “a group of people who participate in a show or encounter a work of art; music” and refreshingly this four piece band of Chicagoans don’t exclude themselves from that classification. In lieu of taking the stage as if they’re doing those in the crowd a favor, Audiences walked into Schubas ready to share an experience, not just dish one out.

Describing the style of music Audiences plays is a challenge. This is a band that is almost a living, breathing Rosetta Stone to understanding other genres, one that takes snippets of everything and allows listeners to piece together an understanding of styles they may not have been familiar with through ones they already recognize.

In one moment Audiences is singing falsetto harmonies to a rollicking 70’s groove, nearly going into full fledged disco mode but pulls themselves back into the realm of the modern day with mellifluously astral guitar riffs that scream indie rock. Tinges of Via Audio’s taste for vintage dance music and the beach-y carefree quality of bands like Polaris come into play in Audiences music, but even that description fails to properly capture what I heard at Schubas.

Audiences is a band that has enough in common with bands like Vampire Weekend and MGMT to easily become a favorite among trend inspired listeners but enough legitimate musical proficiency to keep from turning off the music fan who doesn’t give a damn about the Hipster Top 40.

Sitting in the venue, it was a little surprising to hear such a big sound coming just four guys and a couple of guitar pedals, which perhaps may have been the most impressive part of the entire evening.

With three of the most basic instruments you’d find in a band lineup- bass, guitar and drums- Audiences paint their songs with broad, sweeping strokes of bright melody before texturizing their sound with epic swells and wailing riffs.

This is a band you truly have to hear for yourself to understand the capacity of, but more so, I’d recommend going out to see them."

-Sam Gordon (Reviewsic: Music worth talking about)

Natalie Grace Alford

Natalie Grace Alford was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1987. When she was only a one-year-old her mother moved to Des Plaines, IL, a suburb of Chicago. She began singing in school, and it was there that her music teachers found out that she had a voice that would soar over the class. Her mother convinced her to join Jubilate Children's Choir. The choir had a prestigious reputation, and she sang in the Geoffrey Ballet's production of " The Nutcracker" and toured London and Paris.
She began piano studies at the age of 15, and realized that she could write songs.
It was with this that Natalie Grace Alford knew what she wanted to do for the rest of her life: write songs and sing them. It turned out that her high school friend, Nick Hirka, was an extremely talented drummer. She asked him one day when she was 16, " You want to play drums for me?" He agreed, and it was with this that they began
their musical relationship together.
Natalie Grace Alford has performed at the Double Door, the Beat Kitchen, Reggie's Rock Club, The Abbey Pub, The Venus Collective Project, Savoire-Faire LGBT music festival, was a featured artist of the month at Uncommon Ground, and most recently opened for Nellie McKay at Lincoln Hall in January of 2009.
Her style is soulful, rock, and ecletic with a splash of honesty in the lyrics. Her use of the loop pedals along with her keys and wide vocal range make Natalie Grace Alford a force to be reckoned with in the Chicago Music Scene.



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