The Black Dahlia Murder

The Black Dahlia Murder

Genre: Heavy Metal, Rock
Similar to: The Banner, Purified in Blood, Unearth, The Absence

Hailing from Detroit, MI this five-piece band does not compromise the integrity of their music for anyone. Heavily influenced by Swedish metal and infused with the very brutal sounds of Florida death metal scene, The Black Dahlia Murder's debut release “Unhallowed”, blends the perfect mix of the blast beats, heavy guitars and melody. This venomous, yet melodic death metal outfit named after the brutal unsolved slaying of wannabe actress and temptress Elizabeth Short draws influence from forefathers such as At The Gates, Dissection and Carcass. They seamlessly twist from destructively fast blast beats to beautiful and dark melodic textures, creating a soundtrack to the horror and insanity surrounding the Black Dahlia legacy.  The stage presence of this band completely transcends the hair swaying posing that this genre has become accustomed to, reintroducing an unbridled energy long absent from the current death metal scene. The Black Dahlia Murder is a band that is not to be missed, and once witnessed cannot be denied.

Genre: Metal
Similar to: Grave, Malevolent Creation, Misery Index, Bonded by Blood

Although they only came together as a band in 2003, the members of Athens, Ohio’s Skeletonwitch draw the bulk of their inspiration from artists and musical styles born all of two decades earlier - namely the undying flame of classic, Bay Area thrash, its creative bedrock in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, and, to a lesser degree, death, black, and Viking metal.  Skeletonwitch members Chance Garnett (vocals), Nate Garnett (guitar), Scott Hedrick (guitar), Eric Harris (bass) and Derrick Nau (drums) have set out to prove their metal mettle.  2013 brings us to "Serpents Unleashed," the group's fifth and latest release. Recorded with Kurt Ballou (Converge, High On Fire, Isis) in Salem, Massachusetts, the album is a blistering helping of two-and-a-half minute blasts of blackened metal.  The band also shows off a few new tricks - note the Scandinavian doom-vibe in the opening of "Unending, Everliving" and the devil's swing of "This Evil Embrace" - but does so without compromising the frosty/fiery/abominable metal spirit or blue-collar humility that has endeared them to so many over the past decade. Ultimately, it's both a fitting testament to what they've accomplished to date, and an exciting nod toward what the future has in store.

Genre: Metal, Rock
Similar to: Dysphoria, Xerath, The Ocean, Blotted Science

In Early 2007 a group of high school friends (Alex Hofmann, Scott Carstairs, Tommy Logan, Dan Wissinger, and Suliman Arghandiwal) from Detroit, started writing music. The initial product being both misguided and adolescent, the band played its first show on June 15th 2007 in Walnut Creek.  The band continued to play shows around the bay area and over time broke out into areas such as the Central Valley, Sacramento, and Central Coast.  After nearly a year of playing songs from previous recordings, the band had done a lot of growing musically and began writing their debut EP "Leper Colony". Prior to recording, the band parted ways with their original singer Suliman, and Rob Maramonte joined on as a new guitar player and the songs were released in January of 2009.  The band evolved both musically and lyrically with songs concerning Satanism, religious fundamentalism, secret societies, nature, and social fallacies. Once Rob Maramonte left the band, they took in Anthony Borges and Danny Farhoud. The band has recently released their EP “Nomadic” in April. Fallujah has since evolved to be one of the most aspiring and respected SF Bay area bands.

Minneapolis's Wolvhammer can't decide what they are, and that's the best part. Black Metal? Post-metal? Crust? Sludge-doom? ...

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All Age Groups-Main Floor Access / 21+ Access to Restricted Balcony

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The Black Dahlia Murder with Skeletonwitch, Fallujah, WOLVHAMMER

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