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The Hood Internet

A mash-up crew who came to fame thanks to their genre-jumping mixes, the Hood Internet were formed in Chicago after members Aaron Brink (ABX) and Steve Reidell (STV SLV) both moved to the city with fresh college diplomas. They met in the indie band May or May Not, but after hearing mash-up DJs like Girl Talk and Them Jeans, they headed straight for the laptop and began combining Lil Wayne with Modest Mouse, Swizz Beatz with Deerhoof, and R. Kelly with Jens Lekman. Initial results were uploaded to the Hood Internet blog in 2007 and it didn’t take long for the music to explode. Right-click downloads quickly ticked into the thousands and by the end of the year New York Magazine had featured the band. The Hood Internet Mixtape, Vol. 1 also landed in 2007, while 2008’s mixtape The Hood Internet vs Chicago landed on some media year-end Top Ten lists, including Current TV’s. For music not released in any traditional format, it was a milestone, as it was in 2009 when the Ting Tings performed their song “Shut Up and Let Me Go” live with a bit of Estelle’s “American Boy” in the middle, a nod to the Hood Internet’s mash-up mix of the songs. In 2010 the group got some cool corporate sponsorship when the New York City streetwear brand Mishka sponsored their Trillwave mixtape. In 2012, the Hood Internet moved beyond the mash-up with their debut studio album, Feat. Released by the Decon label, Feat featured a wide range of guests including Black Moth Super Rainbow’s Tobacco, AC Newman, and Kid Static.

Chrissy Murderbot

Based in Chicago, Chrissy Murderbot is physically and spiritually linked to the wellspring of house music and its myriad relatives. Untouched by commercialism's urge towards glossy, dumbed-down poptronica, Murderbot aims to incorporate the grimy textures of juke, glitch, ghettotech, whatever is being forced towards the margins for lack of compromise. The result is an almost unclassifiable but instantly familiar pan-disco vibe that instantly ensnares any dancefloor.

Coming out of the burgeoning Mega-Mash-Up scene (Girl Talk, Super Mash Brothers, The White Panda, The Hood Internet), E-603 takes a more musical approach, laying down some of his own instrumentation into the super fast cut and paste production aesthetic. His approach to genre-smashing dance floor mayhem has gained credibility outside of the college concert & party scenes, landing him an opening slot on US tour with Passion Pit, who hand-picked him, in late 2009. His 2009 release "Torn Up" was self-released in June that year, and on its release 3 tracks hit Top 4 on Hype Machine's Most Popular Tracks list. To date "Torn Up" has moved over 50,000 units independently. E-603 is set to release his follow-up album "Smokeshow" this May, which will incorporate over 300 sample in 45 minutes of length.


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