Delroy Edwards & John Roberts

John Roberts

In session with Dial's US connection.

Since releasing his first record five years ago, US artist John Roberts has remained inimitable. You'll notice big differences between Glass Eights, his debut album, and Fences, its recent follow-up, but the guts of Roberts' sound have remained unchanged—a singular, patchwork style of house composition that tugs on the heartstrings but still feels cerebral. In fact, the term "house" is a little reductive in Roberts' case. For every soaring dance floor track like "Porcelain," there's a velvety experimental cut such as "Paper Frames." Fences sits in the sweet spot between these approaches. The album is led by Roberts' love of delicate melodies, but his beats have never felt more rickety and left-of-centre.


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Delroy Edwards & John Roberts with Icee Hot Crew (Shawn Reynaldo, Ghosts on Tape &DJ Will)

Saturday, August 31 · Doors 10:00 PM at Public Works

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