It's one thing to be prolific. It's another thing to not only kick maximum ass with every album, but constantly challenge yourself and your audience in the process. In a modern rock landscape littered with lowest common denominator dreck, Nonpoint have risen above the pack with grace and thunder time and time again. And the seventh time's yet another charm for the Fort Lauderdale outfit, as latest full-length Miracle fuses searing hard rock brutality with disarming honesty and introspection.

Together since 1997, Nonpoint still boast three of their four original members: frontman Elias Soriano, bassist Ken 'BASTARD' MacMillan and drummer Robb Rivera. Axeman Zach Broderick makes an auspicious debut on Miracle, dropping ferocious leads at will to offset hammering rhythms and complement Soriano's distinctive narrative voice. (Quips the frontman, "We've been doing this for 10 years, so Zach joining the band was like that new pair of running shoes: they're nice and they're comfortable and they make you feel like you can run a mile longer than you used to be able to.") Most critically, the quartet enlisted longtime Mudvayne pals Chad Gray and Greg Tribbett to produce. Gray appears in the rollicking call-and-response showdown of the title track (the more-than-worthy first single), which recalls the intense propulsion of previous Nonpoint hits "Bullet With a Name" and "Rabia." Not only that, but he inspired Soriano to take album centerpiece "Frontlines"—an originally metaphoric slow-burner anchored by the refrain "on the frontlines, fighting for my life"—to an inspiring new level.

According to Soriano, "Chad said, 'You have family in the military—we all have friends and family in the military. I see these guys out there struggling and they don't get a lot of help when they come back home.' He painted this picture, then said 'Do you think you might wanna define it even more towards being an appreciative song for those soldiers who are dying for us every day?' and I thought, 'Absolutely.' It's the most evolved Nonpoint song we've ever written—some of the softest parts of my voice to the most aggressive parts, and some of the most intricate guitar lines to some of the simplest. And then the message puts the nail in the coffin."

From revelatory acoustic EP predecessor Cut the Cord to deluges of explosive new material and rousing covers of Pantera, Black Sabbath and Phil Collins—"In the Air Tonight" was a breakout hit from Michael Mann's Miami Vice—Nonpoint always seem to be a step ahead of the competition. The only bummer is that "Iron" Mike Tyson sorta reclaimed the latter with his memorable a cappella rendition in The Hangover. For his part, Soriano is magnanimous about the champ's version.

"I felt like 'Iron' was feeling it more than I was," he deadpans. "I never made anybody shut up for the drum fill part. Yeah… I'm gonna throw the baton over to Mike. I mean, come on—you know you feel it when you love it so much it causes you to perform acts of violence."

They finally released their EP "Some Kind of Alchemy". The boys have found new fury in every facet of their rock n roll careers...their new, confident vision is contagious..keep your eyes and ears peeled for these boys..catch the broadcast... Dubbed the "1 unsigned act in America" by FOX News, and the "1 unsigned band in Las Vegas" by Xtreme Rock Radio 107.5, OTHERWISE have a very bright future ahead of them.

Primer 55


Billy Akers and Caleb Mooberry started Clippoint in Billy's basement a mere 4 years ago. A few short years later, Singer Aaron Mitchell and drummer Travis Collins were added to the mix. These guys can throw with the best of them, and can straight up groove like no other. They combine hard hitting rock, with some low end grooves from the Drum n Bass. Soaring Vocal melodies and shredding solos are Clippoint's bread and gravy.


Started in 2010, POLARITY is Tim Murray, Kenny Jackson, Dan Raffa, and Chris Pierson. We have opened up for such bands as Theory of a Deadman, Halestorm, Adelita's way, Taking dawn Eye Empire and Flaw. We have made some adjustments and We are Newer, Better and ready to kick your asses.. We were formed in 2009 . We are now Tim Murray (LEAD VOX AND RYTHM GUITARS) met up with Kenny Jackson (Lead Guitars and backing vox). Chris Pierson (DRUMS) AND Dan Raffa (BASS GUITAR). Now with their melodic hooks, driving leads and pounding bass and drums. We are continually taking steps to push the music to new levels blending progressive drums with metal leads and hard rock rhythms with a touch of ambiance.Trying to make our sound stand on it's own. We think we have a unique blend that will surprise even the harshest of critics. So Please listen to POLARITY and enjoy. We focusing mainly on original music, this band also does cover ranging from Alice in chains, Breaking benjamin, Stone Temple Pilots, Corosion of Conformity, Velvet Revolver and Seether just to name a few. So if you are a venue or person looking to book POLARITY for your party or venue. Please hit us up. We are ready to Rock the House

$15.00 - $17.00


Note: 21+ Full Venue Access / Unaccompanied Minors: Balcony Only

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