Daytona are Hunter Simpson (guitar, pedals) and Christopher Lauderdale (drums) and Jose Boyer (bass). We all sing. We know each other from North Carolina and now we live in Brooklyn. The Storm So Long EP represents Daytona's first recordings. It was made in December 2011 in Long Island City and the songs on it are about tumultuous journeys and also the plus side of things. Hunter also plays in the Brooklyn band Wild Yaks, Jose was in the band Harlem before moving to New York, and Christopher is a rolling stone.

Mount Sharp

Schooner is dishevled-pop-indie-psych-soul from Durham, NC that began as a 4-track project by Reid Johnson & features Joshua Carpenter (Floating Action, Rodriguez), Nick Jaeger, Patrick O'Neil, Maria Albani, and a rotating cast of characters.

Schooner's latest LP "Neighborhood Veins," was released in late 2013. The band has been driving around some since then.

"This gauzy, blown-out, beautiful pop record is the crowning achievement for Schooner and singer-songwriter Reid album that doesn’t ignore the past, doesn’t ignore the yesterdays good and bad that brought on today, but it also never falls into over-sentimentalizing loss and avoids the all-too-obvious trap of nostalgia." -Matt Fiander, Pop Matters (8 out of 10)

"With its energetic songs and fuzzy guitars, Neighborhood Veins is sure to be an album you won’t stop listening to any time soon." -MAGNET Magazine

"pulses with a thudding musical heartbeat that echoes in your ears long after the last notes have faded back into your speakers." -Beats Per Minute

"Schooner sends you on a musical journey that traverses the territories of rock, country, folk, 50s doo-wop, and even throws in some chilled out trip-hop style ambience." -Deftune

"...a deliciously loose stomp through clattering drums, whirring psych-ish guitars and a marvelously vivacious vocal delivery. It’s the kind of track that could only have come from America; the sound of great expanse, of stifled dreams and of the unending belief that anything is possible if we just sing loudly enough..." -Gold Flake Paint (UK)

Doug Keith

Doug Keith's latest record, The Lucky Ones, an 11-song collection on indie imprint The Village Label, vividly showcases Keith's strengths as a guitarist and songwriter, capturing significant emotional truths in every song.

The material on The Lucky Ones ranges from the acoustic starkness of "We Left Everything," to the surging electricity of "The Lucky Ones," to the buoyant textures of "Skip James Radio." His simple-yet-poignant lyrics are layered over soaring instrumental arrangements that are expertly tailored to create distinct aural atmospheres. The link connecting each track is Keith's weathered, knowing voice, and the results are nothing short of breathtaking.

Keith has spent the last year playing in Sharon Van Etten's band and writing his next record which is due in 2012.


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