Maudlin Strangers

Maudlin Strangers

maud·lin/ˈmôdlin/ Adjective: foolishly tearful or sentimental, often through drunkenness.

LA-based alternative rock band

Night Talks



Hailing from Los Angeles, Jetwolfe began in 2008 as the late night, dimly lit acoustic jams of two city kids. Inspired by summers of empty pools and skateboards, Jetwolfe began musically progressing and breaking out of the genre the band originally came from. By adding members, the band was able to add layers and more complex harmonies. The music headed more and more into the rock genre with dirty guitars, potent drums, memorable choruses, and edgy bass. Critics have trouble comparing Jetwolfe to similar artists, as the originality of Jetwolfe’s musical layering is complex yet the band’s sound maintains a catchy rock feel.

It’s taken several years for this incarnation of Jetwolfe to form. It started when frontman Trevor Wolfe showed his new tracks to drummer (and brother) Shaun Wolfe in 2009. “I hadn’t heard anything like it, [the music] had progressed so much from the early days, and it was exactly the music I’d been waiting for…I was sold.” After various line-ups, the band met Jacob Butler (Blacktop Saints, Night Talks) in 2012 and invited him to a session. After hearing the tracks, Jacob wanted in and is now on guitar. In 2013, bass player Kelly Kuhn moved to Los Angeles from New York City with an impressive resume. The band reached out to Kelly as soon as he got off the plane. Kelly heard a few roughly recorded songs and all of a sudden the current Jetwolfe line-up was born.

Jetwolfe has been in and out of the studio since the end of 2012 recording their debut EP “The Bowtie Years,” set to release at the end of 2013. With the EP release and multiple shows lined up, Jetwolfe is set to have a massive year in 2013. Watch for Jetwolfe in loval venues as they continue to tear up the gig circuit with their raw and high-powered live sets.


Raw Fabrics

"Raw Fabrics are an L.A.-based trio of 21-year-olds with an armload of anthemic songs that mix the driving bass lines of modern dance-punk bands with production sheen of modern radio bands" Buzzbands LA

With the release of their first single and video ‘Down the Drain’, the band "[made] a powerful entrance into the rock world with their equally catchy, driving and uniquely crafted sound" Mostly Junkfood.

"Raw Fabrics carry the charisma and energy of the Clash and the Sex Pistols, but somehow still reach the modern production eccentricities of Gorillaz and Muse." Mostly Junkfood.

Their highly anticipated debut EP ‘Gold Handcuffs’ will come out 9/30.

$10.00 - $12.00


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Maudlin Strangers with Night Talks, Jetwolfe, Lia H, Wrenn, Raw Fabrics

Friday, September 20 · 7:30 PM at Troubadour