Raw Fabrics

Raw Fabrics are an L.A.-based trio of 21-year-olds with an armload of anthemic songs that mix the driving bass lines of modern dance-punk bands with production sheen of modern radio bands" Buzzbands LA

With the release of their first single and video ‘Down the Drain’, the band "[made] a powerful entrance into the rock world with their equally catchy, driving and uniquely crafted sound" Mostly Junkfood.

"Raw Fabrics carry the charisma and energy of the Clash and the Sex Pistols, but somehow still reach the modern production eccentricities of Gorillaz and Muse." Mostly Junkfood.

Their highly anticipated debut EP ‘Gold Handcuffs’ will come out 9/30.

Media Solution

Media Solution is the born idea of five friends from the beautiful country of Italy.
In 2006 one of their songs became part of the official playlist for the Italian snowboard and freestyle team for the Turin Winter Olympic games.
They became one of the more active bands in the country while they shared the stage with Motorhead, Obituary, Agnostic Front, Madball and Caliban, Born From Pain, Evergreen Terrace, Black Dahlia Murder, Machinemade God, First Blood, Bridge To Solace and Exilia.
2007 was a year of many milestones for the band including becoming the official opening band for the Italian date of Sepultura’s European tour and gaining a special guest spot on MTV Italy and SKY television with their song “No Business” being used in a commercial for a popular Italian music shop named “Magazzino Musicale Merula” which helped the band gain momentum in Italy and Europe.
April of 2009 would prove to be bittersweet with the untimely death of their best friend and drummer Livio, from a fatal motorcycle accident.
Despite the heartbreaking loss of their drummer Media Solution was thinking to stop, but Andy took the command of the band and decided that the band must go on.
Armed with new members, they make their first trip to Los Angeles in February 2010 to record their new album entitled “Horizon Of Events” produced by Mikey Doling (Snot, Soulfly, Channel Zero) with special guests Derrick Green and Jean Dolabella of Sepultura.
July of 2010 Media Solution did a showcase at the world famous Roxy Theatre in Hollywood (California) to rave reviews.
August 2010 Media Solution released their first videoclip for the single “My Soul Still Burns”, directed by Nathan Cox (Linkin Park, Korn, SOAD,Marilyn Manson etc…).
In 2011 Andy decided to move the band to LOS ANGELES. After a tour in California closed with the show with Spineshank at the Whisky a Go Go in Hollywood, the band took a break to write new songs and to find the right people to continue this journey.
2013 Media Solution is back and ready to conquer America.

Good Knives

Who are these guys?

A few friends get together and decide they want to make music together, right? How did Good Knives start?

A few years ago guitarist, Duffs was in a band called Love Equals Death. They had a pretty good little run. Put out an album on Fat Wreck Chords, “Nightmerica” and toured all over The United States and Europe a bunch of times with the likes of AFI, Tiger Army, NOFX, Rise Against and The Warped Tour.

It wasn’t until LED’s last couple tours that bassist Sean Jordon came on board. During a tour of Europe with LED in the winter of 2007, Sean and Duffs witnessed a performance of a band called The Ruined, whom was sharing the stage with LED for a few days of the tour. Armed with a copy of their EP, Here Lies The Ruined, Sean and Duffs had found their new favorite band. “I remember listening to The Ruined EP every day for the rest of that tour,” remembers Duffs, “My favorite song was Poison Ivy, I wanted to be the one, playing that song.” says Duffs.

Fast forward a few months and Sean’s long time friend and former band mate Bryan Kelly-Holden joins LED and the three begin writing for a new album. Armed with a few songs and a month of studio time with producer Lee Dyess (From First to Last, Mayday Parade), LED was ready to head to Valdosta, Georgia to record an album.

Well not really.

The day before the studio time begins LED’s singer quits. A month before their drummer had stood down. “The band had just run it’s course,” explains Duffs.

But Sean, Bryan and Duffs had songs and studio time. THEY WERE GOING TO MAKE A RECORD

“I called up my friend Ryan to see if he wanted to record an album,” explains Duffs. “We call him Seaboy.”

Seaboy (aka Ryan Seaman, Falling in Reverse, I am Ghost) came to Georgia and helped hammer out the works of Bryan, Duffs, and Sean over the course of a month in the summer heat of southern Georgia. “The creative environment of us in the studio with Lee was an incredible experience. Lee is the man, and he carries a handgun too!” laughs bassist Sean.

So a month later Bryan, Duffs, and Sean emerge with an album of music. “We were stoked but we needed a singer, we didn’t know what to do really” says guitarist Bryan.

Then one day Sean remembers The Ruined and suggests Shaun as the singer to Duffs and Bryan. A little hesitant because Shaun is half way across the globe in England the band agrees to call Shaun anyways.

Shaun was pumped and so were the rest of the guys. “I knew we were gonna have something we could all be proud of. Shaun shared are same enthusiasm about our music and from that point on all of our hesitations about distance evaporated. We’d figure it out no matter what it took.” says Duffs.

A year after the band recorded their music they returned to Valdosta with Shaun to once again team up with Lee and finish the album. They emerged a new band.Most bands form the way you think they would form. Not Good Knives.

Good Knives formed from a desire of a few guys who believed in themselves but had no idea how it was going to work out. Somehow 4 guys spread across the globe from Los Angeles and Ukiah California to Peterborough, England, with the help of their friends Ryan Seaman from Salt Lake City and Lee Dyess in Valdosta Georgia, they figured out a way to make and album and form a band. They see this as just the beginning. Good Knives is set to release their debut full length in February 2010 with an immediate tour of Europe and the US to follow.



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