Sarah Potenza and the Tall Boys

Sarah Potenza and the Tall Boys

Specializing in original country/soul, Sarah Potenza & the Tall Boys are a Nashville based Americana Band. The group was started in Chicago back in 2008, by husband and wife songwriting team, sarah potenza & Ian crossman. Since it's incarnation, the band has release three albums, and toured well over a thousand shows. Last year the couple moved down south in hopes of digging into the growing Americana scene that is happening in East Nashville. It was there that they discovered the music of Derek Hoke and Kevin Gordon. Both reside in Nashville, and Potenza is bringing them up to Chicago for this very special show.

"I love their music so much, and I want to share it with you guys in Chicago, you don't wanna miss this show. It's a very rare chance to see these Nashville artists."- sarah.

Derek Hoke

Derek Hoke has said goodbye to rock n roll. Kind of. At least thats what he sings in the opening lines of his new solo debut album, Goodbye Rock N Roll. But Derek, what oh what, did rock n roll ever do to you to make you leave her so? The story might end on the streets of Nashville for now, but his love affair with music, even his erstwhile love rock n roll, began long ago amongst the South Carolina country side and Hee-Haw reruns on Sunday evenings.

Born in Brunswick Georgia - a self taught guitarist, composer, singer, and loner - Derek's first love was the theatrics of KISS, but not until his Grandfather planted the country music seed in his brain by playing it constantly while he was young. Not your dad's country, your granddad's country. The REAL country.

After one listen to Goodbye Rock N Roll, it is apparent young Derek was listening. Like most in his line of work, Derek has moved around. While growing up in Florence South Carolina, his parents divorced when he was 6. He cut his teeth playing guitar in bars around the state, moved to Greenville North Carolina when he was 18, worked in record shops and movie theaters, immersing himself in art and music.

After a few years and visit to Nashville Tennessee to see the likes of Steve Earle, Lucinda Williams, and Los Straightjackets, Hoke decided to move to Nashville. He slept on floors in crowded houses, played around town in almost every venue that would have him, went on tour working for Ricky Skaggs for 3 years and saw almost every state in the union. While these all seem to sideline Derek on his way to becoming the artist he is these days, they were clearly important on his body of work and sound. He is a man that embodies his experience, both with his constant relationship with music and his travels in life.

Kevin Gordon

Over the course of twenty years of writing, recording and touring, Kevin Gordon has built an impressively consistent catalog of songs, a critically-acclaimed stack of albums, and a reputation for dynamic live performances that make first-time listeners life-long fans.


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Sarah Potenza and the Tall Boys with Derek Hoke, Kevin Gordon

Friday, September 13 · Doors 9:00 PM / Show 10:00 PM at The Hideout

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