Panoramic and True

Panoramic and True

Panoramic & True is a pop band from Chicago; their clean, tense, and melodic sound has been praised by Rolling Stone, MTV, Chicago Tribune, WXRT, and NPR’s WBEZ, among others.

Formed by songwriter John Lennox after cutting his teeth in Montreal’s mid-2000 scene, Panoramic & True began in 2007 as an orchestral pop experiment: an electric guitar and a string quartet. As an eight-piece the band began touring the midwest and east coast in 2010, then embellished Lennox’s attic studio of castaway analog gear and spent the winter of 2012 recording the blend of garage, 60s soul, British Invasion, and indie pop that would become "Wonderlust" (Raymond Roussel Records).

"Wonderlust"’s signature—a mix of overdriven dirt and shimmer, explosive tom drum rolls, and high modern chamber pieces—earned Panoramic & True praise from local and national media.

Calling the experiment a success, in 2013 Lennox pushed for change: seeking a sparser sound, the band switched to its current four-piece guitar-based lineup and sought a sharper, crisper, and dancier sound for their "Wonderlust" follow-up. The "Bells" 7" single, released in 2013, channels a funk/disco vibe (though never losing Lennox’s cadences or the band’s instinctive sense of melody) and features, all at once, hand drums, a Rhodes breakdown, and of course, bicycle bells.

Panoramic & True is John Lennox (guitar/vocals/keys), Randy Mollner (guitar), Patrick Pritchett (bass), and Daniel Majid (drums). The band is currently working on its third full-length LP.

Comprised of former members of New Zealand black metal group Crib Deth and Atlanta art-rockers Yoko Bono, Mooner perfectly blend improvisational savagery, post-punk wit, and pre-classical silence. Songwriter and guitarist Lee Ketch (better known by his Crib Deth pseudonym "Stainmaker") tempers sissy lyrics with brutal riffs buried amid structures so complex, you might ask yourself why you don't just stop listening to this shit and go play chess already.

The group has played the airwaves via XRT and Fearless Radio, appeared on a Mountain Goats compilation album (including Kimya Dawson and Andrew Jackson Jihad), and dazzled live humans at Chicago venues like Lincoln Hall, The Hideout and Schubas. Mooner consists of singer/songwriter Lee Ketch, drummer Adam Bonich, guitarist John Gargiulo, bassist Taylor Briggs and keyboardist Steve Slagg.

Spaces of Disappearance

Dance-punk influenced electronica; fun and trouble.


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Panoramic and True with Mooner, Spaces of Disappearance

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