The American Cancer Society presents Heroes for Cancer, Heroes 4 Ransom

Heroes 4 Ransom

In a world where music is doomed to suffer the indignity of being ordinary, four forces of good have come together to fight for what is right. Muses for their own cause, they strive forward - against all odds. They vow to make a constant endeavour to better themselves, and the art they love. It is their pledge to do all in their power to make a simple dream into a reality. A dream that one day you can turn on the radio and hear real music, by real musicians, performing songs that they themselves have written, inspired by their own life experiences. It is a dream that all artists should cling to. Let all true arists come together. Let's all be heroes, and save song at a time.

Robbing Noll

Songs that tell the tale of everyday life is best used to describe the songwriting of the Gettysburg based rock band, Robbing Noll. Multiple styles of rock and blues fused with thoughtful and compelling lyrics to weave a genuine story of the ups and downs of life. Their story began 15 years ago as a couple of new acquaintances formed a new cover band and quickly realized their talents were best served writing and performing original music. Over the years the band has written numerous songs, completed 2 EP's and 2 full length CD's, including the recently released "Hooper".

Hooper is named after a small town in Nebraska that is used as a metaphor for the longing to be home. Hooper is a pit stop along the road that we all travel. From the high points in life with Nickel Return and 17 Miles to the low points in life with The Wait and Potters Broken Promise all 12 songs weave a different story of life. A reoccurring theme throughout the album is the struggle to find purpose in life and dealing with that purpose whether good or bad. Each song is wonderfully woven through the unique and powerful vocals, beautifully crafted guitar leads and a rhythm that breaths life and happiness into an otherwise difficult story.

Carving Out Fiction

Carving Out Ficiton "2012 Band of the Year and Album of the Year award winner for the 717 Music Awards"

An all original rock band hailing from York, Pennsylvania. Carving Out Fiction has been brewing for several years. Initially an outlet for drummer/multi-instrumentalist Joe Coria to release solo albums, the band became a four piece in May 2010. The band has since been building up steam in the
York, Harrisburg, and Lancaster music scene. The band became an instant crowd favorite. At their second show, they sold over 150 tickets, prompting the venue to produce a will call list. This show was the CD release party for their second CD, The Art In Havok. After only 8 shows, the band was asked to open for national band Jimmie's Chicken Shack at the Chameleon Club. They continued to be selected to support national acts such as Papa Roach, Art of Dying, Hawthorne Heights, Bowling For Soup, Adema, Taproot, Edisun and The Misfits. Carving Out Fiction also had offers with Fuel, Crossfade, Saliva, Everclear, Pop Evil, Burn Halo, Kyng, Psychostick and Motograter. Their single "Conversation's End" has received radio play on 1057 The X and was also selected to be put on the Millennium Music Conference 15 Compilation CD. It has also received air play on numerous college radio stations and internet radio. The band's new single "Oceans" which is on their new EP Pariah! Go Pariah! has also received radio air play on 1057 The X and internet radio. Carving Out Fiction was voted best new band and won album of the year for 2011 at the 717 Music Awards on 03/26/11. The band won Artist and Album of the Year at the 2012 717 Music Awards on 03/24/12. The band was also featured on 105.7 The X as the "Home Grown" band of the week on 04/15/11. The band also was featured in the York Dispatch Newspaper "Flipside". The band was recently featured on 101.5 Bob Rocks (Greencastle, PA) for a full interview on two different occasions (April and May of 2012). They then were invited back for another interview and to perform acoustically on August 12th, 2012 for the 101.5 Bob Rocks Homegrown Stash. The band now performs as a 5 piece picking up former members of A True Calling and Lotus Blue.
After being compared to GlassJaw, Thrice, Thursday, Green Day, Incubus, Placebo, and Alkaline Trio, the band confirms that they like them, so that’s not too bad.

Goodbye Four

The band started to come together when we all met at Karns #4 in Lemoyne. Jared Zimmerman moved there from a different store and worked in the department close to Jared Bartlebaugh. We started talking about music together for awhile and decided to start a band. All though we didn't have a place to play we talked about jamming. One day, Robert said he had a practice space and that is where it started. As we jammed, it was missing a bass player with Robert and Jared both playing guitar at the time. So we enlisted Jared Z's brother Jeremy to play bass. He instantly filled the void. Eventually, Jeremy had moved to Baltimore to be with his wife to be. This is when Rob switched to playing bass. Jeremy will be always be apart of our band at heart. The name Goodbye Four is derived from our honorary fourth member and the number of the store where it all began.

Kill The Dead

From out of the graveyard and into your stereo… comes Kill The Dead, a four-piece beast out of Columbia/Mountville, Pennsylvania. A mostly horror-themed Punk/Rock/Metal band that has been terrorizing the scene with an electrifying live show and an all-original set.
Formed in early 2011, this group of undead ghouls has been haunting the area and the internet with their infectious brand of music. After numerous gigs with many local heavy-hitters, this Frankenstein’s Monster is ready to step out of the shadows and strike fear into the hearts of the weak-minded and the ill-equipped.
Spawned from the still-fiery embers of their former band, Black Crack Ash, founding members, Jamie ‘Diablo’ Scott Arndt – Vocals/Lyrics, and Nate ‘Redskull’ Marion – Drums, set forth to create something new, yet with remnants of the old – such as their influences: Kiss, Misfits, Ramones and Motorhead.
Armed with melodic and catchy songs about Love, Death and Rock ‘N Roll, and with the addition of bassist Brad ‘B-Badd’ Moore and later with J.Patrick Peters, this creepy quartet has been blazing the stage ever since.
While awaiting the completion of their full-length, self-entitled debut album, Kill The Dead has released a few singles, two of which have been featured on these compilation albums: The Music of HORROR-PUNKS.COM Volume II (Kill The Dead – Juggernaut) and The Music of HORROR-PUNKS.COM Volume III (Kill The Dead – Atomic Satellite).
When there’s no more room in Hell… The Dead will rock the earth.
Kill The Dead

Like a pheonix rising from the ashes of boredom, and a shared discontent for what is passed off as music, Tigerbomb was born. Formed in early 2010, they have constantly pushed themselves to write the most original music possible. By not subscribing to genres we have kept the doors open to write whatever we feel like at any given time, and not being pigeonholed. Although we are compared to a lot of different bands, no one can say we sound like any single one. With a shared vision of writing the best songs possible, and a collective goal of being heard by as many people as possible the journey has just begun. In the past year we have had the pleasure to share the stage with Jimmie's Chicken Shack, A Silent Film, Falcon Jones, Rufus J Fisk, Face for Radio, they, Render, A True Calling and many others. Not only should you check us out, but give all these bands a listen as well.



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The American Cancer Society presents Heroes for Cancer, Heroes 4 Ransom with Robbing Noll, Carving Out Fiction, Goodbye Four, Kill The Dead, Tigerbomb

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