Shayfer James

Shayfer James

Shayfer James can be described pointedly as a myth in wolf's clothing. Referred to by his rapidly growing group of followers as The Villain King of New Jersey's underground noirpop music scene, Mr. James is devilishly captivating and deliciously unusual. From the worn bottom of his ripped black boots, to the wrinkled top of his black pinstriped hat, Shayfer James is the portrait of vagabond royalty. A man of bewitching grace, grisly humor, profound story telling, and whiskey-flavored wit. The self defined "spawn of the elephant and the empress", Mr. James attributes his musical and lyrical abilities to his early exposure to pipe smoke, demons, and jesters" and his oddly chivalrous nature to his life-long apprenticeship to L.V.S." (his mother's father).

When Shayfer James approaches the piano, there is a certain power and mischievous charm that surrounds him. A bewitching sense of foreboding builds as his fingers touch the piano, and as he begins to sing, we are immersed in his darkly lyrical and evocative stories. His wry poetry is stitched seamlessly to peculiar arrangements that are simultaneously unsettling and familiar. Mr. James lures us into a devious world where the gods tear wings from angels and every man has a siren waiting to devour him.

Mr. James' gift for songwriting is singular. The songs on his first full-length album, The Owl & The Elephant range from beautifully sad to frightening and furious, and his performances are tailored to match. His style is theatrical, but never contrived.

Performances leave audiences mesmerized by his uncanny ability to access and magnify every corner of his being in a live setting. At times, it seems he might be waging some sort of bizarre internal war with himself, but moments later he is unpredictably personable. Mr. James' raw and ethereal voice floats and staggers across four octaves, and his famously scarred hands traverse black and white keys in a style that is truly his own. Sardonic lyrics and carnivalesque orchestrations define his prolific writing, while recognizably structured and short songs woo the masses with memorable melodies and bone shaking rhythms. The release of The Owl & The Elephant marks the beginning of what will no doubt be a monumental career for an artist worthy of company such as Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley, Tom Waits, Shakespeare's Puck, and Carroll's Cheshire Cat.

Kotorino (Record Release Show)

Kotorino has one of the most unique and unusual sounds of any band, ever. Even in a music scene saturated with “chamber-pop” bands and odd instrumentation, Kotorino stands out with its use of all variety of winds, strings, and other musical gadgetry. The music itself is omnivorous in its source material, quite pretty, and downright haunting

Gato Loco

Gato Loco was born on the streets of New York City. It's exotic and foreign, yet it's urban and familiar. This ten-piece assault force resembles a mambo band thrown into an arena of rock. Formed in 2006 by NYC native Stefan Zeniuk, joined by TubaJoe Exley and Clifton Hyde, this "Dancehall Leviathan" has received outrageous acclaim across Europe over the last year. "Just waiting to catch fire onstage" (Sud Ouest, France), "Exotic yet simultaneously urban" (Le Monde, France), "A real barnburner" (Paris DJs), "This band brims with enthusiasm and sounds like the orgasmic lovemaking between James Brown and Tito Puente" (de Volkskrant, The Netherlands).

Gato Loco's recent release, simply entitled "Gato Loco" is on Munich's Winter and Winter records, chronicles a live outdoor show on the steps of a wine chateau in Bordeaux, France during the summer of 2010. FAREWELL TO NORMAL SCENE celebrates the official USA release of this recording

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