Beasty is a trio in Brooklyn. Butch, Matt, Craig.


ATRINA make music that is equal parts minimalist melodicism, counterpunctal cacophony, and decibel-pushing dissonance. Angular, but accessible. Complex, yet catchy. Eclectic, and electrifying. ATRINA makes ears ring, hearts pound, and toes tap. // "it's nice to be disarmed... Atrina force you to meet them with openness and wonderment... the feel of their music is iconic... marked by turbulent riffs in angular time signatures... lyrics evacuate the voice... leaving us with just the sound itself, a husk of something communicated... chilling, morbid, and delicious" (dan berry) // new album "In Planetary Sugar" now available at


Field Guides

FIELD GUIDES began, as so many misguided things begin, in a bedroom. The bedroom belonged to a boy who wrote some songs about women and bedrooms and mental illness. And plants and animals. FIELD GUIDES have lumberingly moved into the living room. They are a family now, featuring former or current members of Future Wife, BLUSHING, Heliotropes, PEELS, and the International Contemporary Ensemble. There are more songs now about Amelia Earhart and books and buildings. And plants and animals.

FIELD GUIDES sound, according to some, like "noisy pop." Or "tidal, shimmering, and poignant." Or like "that band with the guy and girl from Canada." Or like they're "ripping off Yo La Tengo." They take that last one as a serious compliment.


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Cameo Gallery


Beasty with Atrina, Bloom, Field Guides

Thursday, October 24 · 8:00 PM at Cameo Gallery

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