I SEE STARS - EHM = Electronic Hardcore Music.

The Word Alive

Crown The Empire

Crown The Empire... putting the "Fuck Yeah" into "Fuck Yeah Man"

We started the band with the motive to not be another mundane closed minded group of musicians. We were all sick of the regurgitated music that was being put out, and unhappy with how Intolerant the music scene had become in our hometown. This gave us the passion to create music that not only went against everything in our hometown scene, but also to make music that truly made us feel whole. The meaning behind the name "Get Scared" is to not hold back in life. Do whatever you are passionate about, get out of your comfort zone and don't be afraid of failure, the only way to fail is to never try at all. Get Scared


Armed with a combination of post-hardcore and pop-punk influences, Palisades adds an entire new element of emotion to their rich, big sound. Strong, catchy choruses, along with aggressive melodic screaming are combined with more contemporary breakdowns, adding a very unique and distinct character to their music.



I See Stars and The Word Alive return to their home at The Orpheum In Tampa for The Started At The Bottom Now We Here Tour 2013!!!

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The Orpheum


Started From The Bottom Now We Here Tour ft I See Stars, The Word Alive and More with The Word Alive, Crown The Empire, Get Scared, Dayshell, Palisades

Wednesday, November 20 · Doors 5:00 PM at The Orpheum