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Danica Dora

Danica Dora has been a singer songwriter since she was born. As a child she made recordings on her casio tape box, promising the world she would one day sit atop the throne of musical genius. Today, she is quickly emerging as a thrilling new presence on the New York music scene, having played sold-out engagements at Joe's Pub, Knitting Factory, Rockwood Music Hall, Mercury Lounge, Webster Hall, and Bryant Park among others. Her unique ability to combine indelible melodies with a sense of humor and unflinching honesty has gotten her compared to Joni Mitchell, Carol King and Rufus Wainwright. Her debut album, Lonely You, can be found on iTunes, CD Baby, and

Apollo Run is a three-piece rock band based in Brooklyn. We play music the way music is supposed to be played. We make weird faces onstage because we forget people are watching us. We sweat. We harmonize, even when we're completely out of breath. We sometimes have a horn section, because horns are awesome. We always sweat some more. We walk away from shows utterly exhausted and completely energized at the same time.

We've been told that we kind of sound like Muse, but a less dystopian version. We've also drawn comparisons to Queen, but we're way too humble to admit that. I tell you what...just Google "Apollo Run" and check out our music for free. We've got videos on YouTube and Vimeo. Our first two EPs (Here Be Dragons, Vol I & II) are streaming on our website: www.apollorun.com. If you like what you hear, buy them. Or tell a friend about us. Or like us on Facebook. In the meantime, we're just gonna write more music.

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"Too good to pass up...Listen, learn, love." - Huffington Post
"The group merits far more widespread attention than it's received thus far..." - NPR.org
"John McGrew sounds uncannily like Jeff Buckley with some Freddie Mercury-worthy grandstanding thrown in...the band sustains a record-perfect clarity in performance." - The Village Voice

"Casey's stage persona is equal parts James Brown, Elvis Presley, and Bono...but then comes the surprise, etched in cursive on the head of a pin. Listen closely, and the songs are beautiful, heartfelt, and wrenching." - MTV News

Casey Shea spent his youth tuned into classic rock radio. While his friends were headbanging along to the grunge bands of the 90s, Shea found solace in Brian Wilson's, "I Just Wasn't Made For These Times."

Born in Louisiana and raised in Florida, Casey spent two years in Nashville honing his songwriting style before moving to New York City. Now in his tenth year in the city, Shea, who for a couple of years found himself fronting three separate bands, has spent the past few years re-dedicating himself to his solo career. He's kept busy those three
years, persistently touring the U.S. and Europe and releasing two albums with a third on the way.

His work, both recorded and live, has been reviewed by NME, MTV, CMJ, and The New York Times, and his songs have set the scene in episodes of One Tree Hill, Necessary Roughness, MADE, Friends With Benefits, The Gates, the movie Peace Love and Misunderstanding, and the independent documentary Mr. Rogers & Me.

Handsome Lady Records Club

Frances Cone

"As the summer winds down, enjoy a playlist of our favorite jams from lovely ladies like Kimbra, Santigold and Frances Cone..." - Vanity Fair

"...'Come Back' sounds like the type of song that would score a romance set in a ‘50s-style diner. It has that lived-in nostalgic quality..." - Refinery29

"...Cone has a singular ability to co-exist in several worlds simultaneously. Her moods shift quickly here between homey intimacy and moody emotion almost at once." - The Deli

Easy Tells

In 2010, singer-songwriter Matthew Crosby and guitarist Ryan Mackstaller, both members of NYC-based rock band, The Majorleans, began collaborating on alternative arrangements of Crosby's songs as well as new material and a handful of covers. Mackstaller recruited drummer Keith Robinson (Charlie Robison) and later bassist Matt Brandau (the Old Ceremony), recent transplants from Austin and Chapel Hill respectively, and by early 2011 the foursome were gigging consistently around the Lower East Side and Brooklyn as Easy Tells, honing a sound centered in American Rock, and influenced by artists like Wilco, Stephen Stills, and Elliott Smith, though not without a healthy nod to the Brits. The band's recently completed debut EP, "Got What You Paid For" is set for release in October.

Warren Malone

New York Based Singer/Songwriter Warren Malone
Is Originally From Manchester England. He Loves To Sing,
He Loves To Write Songs And He Loves To Play Guitar.
He Loves Traditional Folk Music As Much As He Loves A Great Pop Song.
He Loves His New Album And He Doesn’t Care Who Knows It.
He Does Not Love Writing Bio’s And Pretending To Be A Third Party.
He Loves A Good Audience, He Hates Stupid Pop Stars With Shades,
He has A Fear Of Being Falsely Accused, He’s Done Some Bad Things,
He Tries To Be Good, He Loves To Sing, He Sings All Day Everyday,
The First Record He Ever Put On Was A Hank Williams Record He Was 4 Yrs Old,
As A Kid He Loved Elvis, He Used To Draw And Sometimes Still Carries A Sketchbook.
He Loves Mexican Food, He Lived In San Francisco For 5 Years And It Changed Him Forever,
He Can Cook But Only If It Involves Just 1 Pan, He Loves Beer But Tries Not To Drink It
He Loves Fiddle Tunes, He Loves Duets With Mandolin And Guitar,
He Loves To Hear Great Harmony singers And Has Fantasized About Being The High Lonesome
Singer In A Bluegrass Band, He Has Been High and Lonesome
He Has Made Some Promises He Knew He Couldn’t Keep
He Knows He Has Some Secrets But He Can’t Remember What They Are
He Hates Cool People, He Will Let You Know If He Likes You
He Loves His Family
He Remembers Things From His Past But Doesn’t Know If They Really happened,
He Loves To Sing
He Can’t Believe he Didn’t End Up In Jail, He’s Played A Lot Of Gigs, He’s Played A lot Of Street Corners
He’s Had To Talk To A Lot Of Strangers, His Parents Met When His Father Was In Prison
Thats A whole Other Story, It Would Be A Great Movie Actually
Youth, Violence, Crime, Singing, Prison, Love, Jealousy, Family, Murder And More Singing
He Loves Repetition, He Loves His New Album And He Doesn’t Care Who Knows It.

Jason Myles Goss

"Throwing deft lyrical punches, Jason Myles Goss is alternative music dynamite." - Hear Hear Music

Jason Myles Goss grew up in a small, Massachusetts mill town and, despite hanging his hat in Brooklyn, NY for the past six years now, his heart will always be in those small-town streets. After years of making records on his own dime, driving long hours, city to city, to play for a handful of onlookers at a time, and flying well under anyone's radar, Jason has released his fourth album and first self-produced effort, Radio Dial (recorded with Austin Nevins and Sam Kassirer of Josh Ritter's Royal City Band). Here we find a songwriter who has clearly come into his own, with a burgeoning confidence and a distinctive voice that has been sharpened by many late-night drives and gas station coffees. In his latest collection of songs, Jason display a broad range of influences, from the stark and eclipsing lyricism of Gillian Welch and A. A. Bondy, to the lush, melody-driven, pop/rock ambitions of Ryan Adams' "Gold" and The Wallflowers' "Bringing Down the Horse."


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Danica Dora, Apollo Run, Frances Cone, Handsome Lady Records Club, Casey Shea, Easy Tells, Warren Malone, Jason Myles Goss

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