TinyRhino: September

TinyRhino: September

TinyRhino is The Theatrical Drinking Game. It is also UglyRhino’s take on the ten-minute play festival. Every month we commission six playwrights to write new plays, each including the same five dramatic elements. If you join us for TinyRhino, you’ll be given a list of these elements. They might show up at any time, in any order, and with any frequency. When they do show up, do you know what that means?! DRINK!! Every TinyRhino also features live music, drink specials and giveaways, and a cocktail hour following the performance.

This month's playwrights include: Tim Duncheon (I'm From Outer Space, Ars Nova), Dave Edson (OUR BAR), David Givens (The Comfy Film Fest, Australia), Jessi Blue Gormezano (OUR BAR), Noah Mease (Brakeman's Light, Theatre 4 the People), and Danny Mitarotondo (What the Sparrow Said, FringeNYC).

This month's directors include: Will Dagger (Six Windows Presents a Hero of Our Time, Calliope Theatre Company), Jeffrey Fowler (Zen's Red Mouth, Mythophobic Productions), Stefanie Abel Horowitz (The Capables, The Gym at Judson), Kevin Hourigan (Gentlemen of Kentucky, Dixon Place), Nora Ives (The Assessment, FringeNYC), and Allison Moody (A Future Imperfect, FringeNYC).

September's elements will include: someone pretends to cry, someone tells an obvious lie, someone threatens to call 911, someone poses in “downward facing dog”, and someone references Romeo and Juliet.



*** Admission includes ONE FREE BEER ***

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TinyRhino: September

Tuesday, August 20 · Doors 7:30 PM / Show 8:00 PM at Littlefield