Buckeye Rooster

Buckeye Rooster

Coming to you from the foot-hills of the Catskills, Buckeye Rooster brings some of the finest bluegrass music that the Hudson Valley has to offer. Whether it’s rubbing elbows with the finest, or playing barns in the Carolinas, Buckeye Rooster is always ready to bring one helluva good time!

John Cusumano and the Jade Radio

"Seventy Years" is the debut full-length solo release from Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter John Cusumano. Recorded in the spring and summer of 2012 at Big Blue Meenie Studios in Jersey City, NJ, every song and lyric on the record was penned by Cusumano; he also played each instrument on the album.

“With musical influences that are easily distinguished throughout the album, John Cusumano somehow finds a way to create a genre of his own, and does it remarkably well. The storybook journey that Seventy Years lives up to be is a beautiful one. With notes of despair, reflection of life’s good and bad, and hope for the future, the listener is taken on an emotional ride that leaves you feeling surprisingly fulfilled at the conclusion of the album” - Ryan Albanese, independent music critic, Hoboken NJ

In early 2013 John acquired drummer Corrado Rizzi, guitarist Joe Roselli, and bassist Dan Jernick to bring the album to life on stage. The quartet has been picking up steam and gigging all over the greater NYC area. With an undeniably raw energy, their live show is an experience you won't want to miss.

We are a New York based indie rock band, recently relocated from Boston, with influences ranging from Arctic Monkeys garage rock to Tinariwen West African blues. As it stands now its sole permanent member is Peter Hung, a 22 year old Taiwanese guy who dreamed of becoming a musician for much of his life and came to America to make it happen.

Surefire was previously started by songwriting partners Peter Hung and Mike Leone in late winter 2011. In January 2012, we released our full-length self-distributed album “Another Take on the Same Difference,” which garnered significant attention around the Boston/Allston indie music scene. We already have played known locations in Boston such as BU Central, Hennessy Hooley’s House, and Wellesley College and the Middle East. Although the band just went through substantial personnel and stylistic change, Surefire will not stop until we play stadiums after stadiums.



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Buckeye Rooster with John Cusumano and the Jade Radio, Surefire

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