Granger Smith, the Texas born-and-bred singer/songwriter, has been busy reinventing the face of traditional country one chart-topping single at a time. By consistently providing blended hits that are well outside the realm of “typical,” Granger’s music provides a refreshing and unique variation on the growing independent country music scene.

Though he's been in the music business since he was a teenager, Granger doesn't always play by the rules, which he finds gratifying. "When I knew I wanted to be a singer-songwriter for a living, I never set out to be totally grassroots," he explains. "Probably no one does. At that time, there was a system and most people followed that system. Write a song, book a studio and musicians, play a showcase, get a record deal, get famous, request all green M&Ms."

For Granger, a mixed bag has proven more his style. "I've taken a unique path, which has been partly unplanned, but very rewarding,” he adds.

Over a decade into his career, the former Texas A&M alumn has already checked several items off his bucket list. Played by invitation at the White House? Check. Paid his respects to American soldiers? Absolutely, both through multiple tours in Iraq and Kuwait and through his annual 100-mile soldier walk. This year, he was asked to partner with The Boot Campaign to further raise awareness of our troops’ needs as they return home from combat.

The 'Sleeping on the Interstate' hitmaker means what he sings, because he works on his own time and in his own way. He has created his own in-home studio and with every album uses his own players -- his band members -- who have essentially become his brothers when on the road. "Every album, every song, every drum beat that you've heard from me over the last 6 years has come from my home studio out of these little speakers and was edited by me until I've felt it was right to release," Granger says, ensuring that his music is authentic and from the heart.

From his first Top 10 single, 'Colorblind,' through the release of his most recent studio album, 'Poets & Prisoners,' and a relentless tour schedule, he essentially never sleeps. His blood is always pumping, his mind plotting the next calculated move.

And that next move appears to be not so far away. Granger is currently working on another studio album to be released during the 1st quarter of 2013 following it's lead off "rollin' feel good" single, "We Do It In A Field." It goes without saying that creating music is Granger Smith's passion. Count them up; this release will be his 9th album since he hit the scene at age 19.

His game plan has been good to him so far. Granger has had 8 Top 10 singles on the Texas Music Charts and he's even successfully launched a crowd-pleasing alter-ego, "country boy" Earl Dibbles Jr. The idea was born when Granger and his brother were having some fun with a camera on their childhood ranch. "Earl represents at least half of my family, so it was easy to jump in my old truck, grab my shotgun and slip right into character," Granger admits. They could never have imagined the viral success Dibbles has become, with his own single “The Country Boy Song,” music video and legions of fans.

It's clear that Granger is both serious and playful when it comes to his craft; he's humble enough not to take himself too seriously, but dedicated enough not to let his name slip out of mind. "Whether it was good or bad, that reality means the world to me," says of following his own path. "My team and I, we rise and fall together, but that rise feels so inspiring when we know we've created this momentum from the ground up. Everyday I'm thankful, everyday I'm excited. The world will always need new music and luckily, I can never get new music out of my head!"

Earl Dibbles Jr.

I wake up. Put a good dip in. Crack a cold one. Get dressed and start the day.

Haywired -The Country/Rock Band from Wichita Kansas!!!!!

Haywired was founded in late 2011 by 2 guys within the same current career business. Lead singer Brad Read was caught red handed singing great country songs in the rafters of the shop when over heard by guitar player Chris Murray. Dale Murray joined in on Acoustic Guitar and Dan Walker joined in on the Bass Guitar for a short time before stepping out due to a busy work schedule. In came Arizona Mike on bass, Ed Taylor on drums. About 8 months playing together, they felt it was time to kick it up and go somewhere with the talent they put together. Haywired welcomed Chris Parks(Long time friend and former bandmate of Chris Murray) to the band on the lead electric guitar in June of 2012. In Early 2013 Haywired welcomed Dan Walker back at Bass guitar. Later Steve Headley stepped in on lead acoustic and Wes Bannon on Drums. You can keep up to date with the band as well as listen to their music at......
This is no ordinary country group, it is a group that brings an edge to country music that has never been heard before! From laid back George Strait to Edgy Brantley Gilbert, Haywired has brought the two sounds together to make the new Country / Kansas Clay / Rock sound!!!


$15.00 - $18.00


All seating is general admission. A limited number of table reservations are available at The Cotillion or by phone @ 316.722.4201.

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Granger Smith with Earl Dibbles Jr., Haywired

Saturday, November 2 · Doors 7:00 PM / Show 8:00 PM at The Cotillion Ballroom