Die Warzau

Die Warzau

Born in 1988 in Chicago, Die Warzau would be just about old enough to legally drink right now, which is fantastic, really, because a lot of bands out there are, I don't want to say drinking "a lot" but, let's face it, they aren't exactly taking it easy. Let's take Creed, for example. They've been around since, what, 1995? this makes them about 14 years old. And they fucking drink like fish. I mean, seriously, listen to "Weathered" and tell me that they weren't swimming in Jack or something. Completely lit. And 14 years old. It's wrong.


Comasoft is a pop rock band from Chicago with some keyboards and a weakness for the 1980's. Mostly because fuzzy keyboards and Brian Adams riffs should never go out of style and we don't want to live in a world where they are. We're nearly done with our new record which will be titled: Burn to Shine... but are currently tied up in decisions/arguments on how/when to release it. The single 10Volt will be our sooner than the rest of the songs for sure, so keep your ears open...

The rest of the stuff you already know... Fog and lights and jumping around galore, come get sweaty with us, and bring your sister...


The band is led by dynamic frontwoman Brittany Bindrim, whose words, melodies, and soaring vocals have resonated with a devoted and growing fanbase. Rounding out the lineup are Jim Cookas (guitar/programming), Vincent Grech (drums), and Brent Leitner (guitar/programming). Over the years the band has established a solid reputation as a live act with their high energy shows that feature a mix of rock and electronic elements.


Electro / Industrial

The Dark Clan

Like Ashman and Schwartz trying to stop the Dragonforce guys from stealing The Postal Service's lunch money, the Dark Clan is a heartbreakingly sincere, over-the-top, genre-bending good time.

Consisting of equal parts metal, showtunes, dance, electro, goth, and synth, the Dark Clan slowly took form as a solo side project from 1998-2003 while its sole member, Dan Clark, was busy with other bands that all no longer exist. How ironic. The project gained more focus after some tracks began receiving local club play, and really solidified after the first album "Oh, but the stars still shine..." was completed in 2004 and featured on a local radio show.

Because The Dark Clan is intended to be a place where Dan can write and record whatever he damn well pleases, one can expect to hear lots of species counterpoint, big pop hooks, big fat beats, big ridiculous harmonies, and big ol' guitar solos at some point or other in most everything the Dark Clan does. The Dark Clan likes to Go Big, y'see. Also, Dan wants you to know he's totally not compensating for any anatomical deficiencies with all this "big" stuff. Really.

In addition to his work in The Dark Clan, Dan is also the guitarist in Stromkern and Siv (of which he is also a co-founder), sometimes contributes recording facilities, arrangements, and other miscellany to the Gothsicles, and until summer '07 was also the guitarist in Null Device.

Formed in 2009, AimOniA is a one man electronic music project from Ohio. Joshua, the man behind the project, has just self-released AimOniA’s debut album, “Pulling the Trigger”. The songs run the gamut of electronic music, encompassing elements of early industrial, dark electro, trance and industrial rock.

AimOniA’s first official release is an exclusive track, Three, that appears on the bonus download disc of the highly anticipated Electronic Saviors compilation available now from Metropolis Records.

Patricia Wake

Southern Gothic, Dark Cabaret


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