Midnight Spin (NYC)

Fourteen months ago, in a cheap hotel room on the outskirts of Bangkok, drummer Danny Scull emailed a video of himself, singing, to his oldest friend and band mate Michael Corbett. The sound quality was terrible, and Scull had been awake for almost three days. For some musicians, inspiration can strike at any time, and this is exactly how Midnight Spin operates. Corbett crammed the lyrics, sped off to a Manhattan recording studio, and laid down the blistering final vocal track for the band’s debut album Don’t Let Me Sleep, due out January 15.

Not that this is anything new for them. The two friends have been writing songs, breaking amps, and generally forging a musical bond since their days in middle school having grown up together on the north side of Washington DC. However, it wasn’t until 2008 when they washed up on the shores of Brooklyn that Midnight Spin began to take shape. Originally conceived as an alt-rock four-piece, fate and chaos led them to enlist fellow NYC newcomers Ben Waters on bass and guitarist Jim Terranova. Before long, keyboardist Jeremy Cohen was lured from Boston, and the band has been proving it out on the road ever since. By 2012, Midnight Spin was ready to heed the call of the recording studio and answer with a few Corbett banshee screams of their own.

Produced by Justin Gerrish (Vampire Weekend, the Strokes, Weezer), Don’t Let Me Sleep is the result of endless bleary-eyed practice sessions and late night stumbling across the East River that has inspired and yielded a full-length album worthy of its name. From Cohen spacing the record with wurlitzers and organs to Scull bashing it out like the Grohl of yore, the twelve-song LP combines 90s alternative and punk energy with modern indie elements from their Brooklyn home. As Consequence of Sound writes, “Imagine if Foo Fighters somehow grew up as fans of early the Killers with a little of the Strokes tossed in for flavor.” It’s an album that just can’t stop chasing the night.

Don't Let Me Sleep scrapes together everything you once loved about rock music and makes it hum again like a dirty, little noise-box from the future. Catch the band on tour in a city near you.

Temporary Pharaohs

Temporary Pharaohs was formed in May of 2012 by Chris Kulwin and Cody Carpenter. The band achieved its initial vision through the help of the Treehouse collective, located in Chicago's Irving Park. After a series of lineup changes, the band finally found stability with Nick Tumminello on drums. The band varies in size and versatility.

Temporary Pharaohs gig regularly around Chicago and are in the process of booking shows across the Midwest. Temporary Pharaohs have played at many popular venues in Chicago, such as: Beat Kitchen, Hard Rock Cafe, Martyrs, Double Door, and Reggie's Rock Club. Along with the big venues, Temporary Pharaohs play house shows and parties, and everything in between.

Stoop Goodnoise leads the way in the new Chicago rock scene. Chicago has always been a city of collided cultures coming together to form something amazing, and there is no band that encapsulates this like Stoop Goodnoise. A facepunch of 90's grunge fury, punk choruses, and intergalactic guitar solos. One part Chicago street kids, one part classic rock phenoms, but all one original sound that cannot be missed, ignored, and cannot be stopped.

Stoop has played at numerous clubs around Chicago such as the Bottom Lounge, Beat Kitchen, and House of Blues. They have gone as far as being one of the three finalists in the MTV VMA 2009 Best Breakout Chicago Artist Contest, where they supported All Time Low & White Tie Affair at Six Flags Great America. Their set from that day was also featured on Comcast On Demand followed by a short interview with the band.

A born songwriter, Gayle Skidmore has written over 1700 songs since she began songwriting at the age of 8. Rather than choosing her calling, Skidmore's natural ability and innate passion for music made her music career unavoidable. She continually processes her adventures, experiences, thoughts and emotions through this malleable medium, writing, playing and singing from the depths of her soul. It is evident from her heartfelt, unguarded performances that Skidmore's goal is excellence in artistry and expression, and that she truly understands the ultimate purpose of music.

Classically trained on the piano from the age of 4, Gayle Skidmore also plays at least 20 other instruments, including the mountain dulcimer, the banjo and the balalaika. Her attention to detail and involvement in every step of the creative process, from producing her records to doing the artwork for her albums, show that she is completely dedicated to her craft. In late 2010, Skidmore released her first full-length album, Make Believe, on her own label, Raincoat Records. Make Believe comes in a coloring book that she illustrated, with a picture and lyrics for each song. This album encompasses themes of hope, despair, disillusionment and love, and includes songs that wrestle with faith in the midst of loss and death. It is profoundly personal, stylistically diverse, and lyrically brilliant. Skidmore's fanciful mode of presentation illustrates her desire to translate the trials of life into something beautiful and to remain hopeful about the future.

Gayle Skidmore's love of whimsy, poetry and magic are evidenced by the sets she creates for her stages, which have included a curtain of origami cranes and a giant octopus holding a teacup. In 2009, Germany's most prominent newspaper, the Seuddeutsche Zeitung, named her "Die Schutzpatronin der Gartenzwerge," the Patron Saint of Garden Dwarves, in an interview promoting her tour, which Skidmore found delightful. She has also toured nationwide in the US, and in the UK, Asia and Europe.

Skidmore finds endless inspiration in the whirlwind of life. She has never experienced writer's block, and she is always experimenting with new formats. When she isn't busy learning a new instrument, singing, painting, or writing lyrics and melodies, she composes parts for her cellist and violinist. She enjoys baking cookies and making origami for her fans.



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