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Aa (Big A Little a)

Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band

Guitarist Chris Forsyth's hypnotic compositions assimilate art rock texture with folk, blues, and experimental influences. Long active in the improv/experimental underground, he's released a series of acclaimed soloprivate press LP Dreams (reissued in 2011 onFamily Vineyard) and Early Astral, a 2012 duo LP with Mountains' Koen Holtkamp on Blackest Rainbow, that have earned favorable comparisons to Sandy Bull's raga take on Chuck Berry and the majestic guitar tapestries of Television and Popol Vuh. His 2011 Paranoid Cat LP (also on Family Vineyard) has been described as "the work of an emergent master" (Uncut) and "a rapturous transmutation of noise into light" (Wire). Forsyth has toured throughout Europe and the US, sharing stages with such like-minded artists as Steve Gunn, Bill Orcutt, Ignatz,Rhys Chatham, and Träd Gräs och Stenar, and, from 2002 to 2011, as a member of Peeesseye. He has also collaborated with artists including Meg Baird, Tetuzi Akiyama, Mike Pride, Nate Wooley,Shawn Edward Hansen, and choreographers Miguel Gutierrez and RoseAnne Spradlin, among others. Currently in the works are a new solo record titled Kenzo Deluxe on Northern Spy (July release), a split cassette for the Preservationlabel with Loren Connors, and a collaboration with choreographer Meg Foley. Forsyth was awarded a 2011 Pew Fellowship int he Arts and resides in the City of Philadelphia, USA.

Mystical Weapons: Sean Lennon and Greg Saunier

Mystical Weapons is a collaboration between Sean Lennon and Deerhoof's Greg Saunier.


NYMPH is a Brooklyn-based seven-piece that has been active in the New York psych, noise and jazz scenes for seven years. The outfit's expansive approach confounds thumbnail genre ascription, and yet does not depend on confusion or combinatorics for its impact; rather, the fluid and multifarious membership enjoyed by the former duo-plus-band of Matty McDermott and Eri Shoji has expanded, edified and enlightened NYMPH's approach to texture, composition and execution. Truly, the band's sound represents a seamless and exuberant amalgamation of heavy psych, free-jazz, modern minimalist composition, kosmische kraut, and visionary desert blues.

Complementing Matty's humongous modal guitarwork and Eri's wailing vocalese are the more-recently realized additions to the band's palette: a rambunctious and beautiful horn section with Aylerian proclivities, just-intonation string and synthesizer drones, and a shimmering jungle of percussion. Since 2011, the band has served as free-jazz-soul legend Arthur Doyle's New York ensemble, The New Quiet Screamers; working with an innovator and master of the form has not only magnified the band's instrumental dexterity, but has deepened the group's commitment to communicative improvisation and a palpable sense of spirituality made manifest via performance. Witnessing NYMPH at peak power is akin to witnessing ritual.

The present lineup contains current and former members of Dark Meat, Effi Briest, Symbol, Guardian Alien, Gamelan Kusama Laras and a multitude of other acts of variable temperament, intention and geographic location. NYMPH has toured North America and Japan extensively, and has shared stages and collaborated with the likes of Deerhoof, Thurston Moore, Group Bombino, Loren Connors,and more. Recently, the band finished postproduction work on two live albums with Arthur Doyle, and completed a collaboration with Neneh Cherry for the companion-disc for her album The Cherry Thing.

Seaven Teares

With the release of their critically lauded debut LP, Ice Level, in early 2012, and having played a near-constant stream of shows and short tours over the successive months, NYC natives Ava Luna have built a reputation for noisy, manic basement soul music in the form of stark, earthy synth-driven beats coupled with tight, prismatic vocal harmonies, which Christopher Weingarten has described as "beautiful, infectious, and damn-near indescribable.

PC Worship

"PC Worship kick it dense and heavy with a damaged crude DIY psych edge that often transcends into totally catchy melodic and repetitive jammers".


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