MisterWives was formed in 2012 where the 3 New York natives set out to produce, and perform their independently composed music. Their sound has been described as indie-pop-soul and has been well received in some of New York's most notable venues. The core members include Mandy Lee (vocals/keys) William Hehir (bass) and Etienne Bowler (drums).Their live set however incorporates other musicians that contribute sax, trumpet, guitar, and strings to their well-rounded sound. The band is currently working on their EP that will be released in the spring of 2013.


How Sad started out in the summer of 2011 in Montreal as the nom de guerre attached to a handful of personal bedroom recordings, but quickly morphed into a band playing tunes tailored towards live performance: fun, hook-laden, and driven by an old-school punk rock attitude. There's an underlying sombre tone to the lyrics, but having those themes juxtaposed with relentlessly energetic music makes for an explosive combination.
Their unpredictable live setup finds them pounding on drums, passionately shouting over laptop beats and screeching with warped guitars. After building a reputation for themselves in their hometown they set off to tour Canada and the U.S. in 2012 playing alongside acts like Purity Ring, Twin Sister, Rich Aucoin, Dom, and many more. Having played NXNE in Toronto, Sled Island in Calgary, Evolve festival in Nova Scotia, and Pop Montreal and M for Montreal, they’re back in studio working on a full length album to be released in 2013.

Gospels is Alex Frenkel, Mike Gordon, Alex Marans, Gabe Garzón-Montano and Owen Murphy. Taking up residence under one roof in Forest Hills, NY, they set about building their house into a 3-floor recording studio, where they have recorded their first EP, "Animal Feelings." 

Erin Rioux (pronounced ree-yoo) is an American electronic/psychedelic producer, performer, and curator. His work under his last name merges avant-garde with pop, and technology with organic instrumentation in a rhythmic and cerebral sonic environment.
A self-taught multi-instrumentalist and NYU-educated producer, Rioux casts a wide net of influences that include everyone from Krautrock Pioneers Neu and Cluster to pop perfectionists like Brian Eno and David Byrne, weaving organic instrumentals with tailored beats. A working-class Detroit area native, Rioux spent four months living in Berlin during 2011, where he wrote his 2012 record Come On All You Ghosts. The record was finished at his home in Brooklyn, making it the 5th studio release for the young, prolific producer.

In June of 2012 Rioux premiered the EP's debut single "Find the Reason" (feat. Thurmon Green) on Prefix Mag, a shining example of the record's eclectic dance tracks, pop hooks and smatterings of psychedelia. Months later, the song received a preliminary Grammy nomination for Best Dance/Electronica Single. Come on All You Ghosts stands to fulfill Rioux's intention of creating music to simply make the listener feel good, employing vocal and lyrical contributions from a diversity of collaborators.

In July Rioux released his mixtape, Water Signs and in September he created an audiovisual web-installation titled "I'll Give You A Hint (You're Already There)". The multimedia piece, made as a gift by request to his fans, harkens back to Rioux's audiovisual album, Everything You Need Is Right Here (2011) and points towards his ever-present theme of self-realization. In our modern age of smartphones and social media, Rioux's ambivalence to the material world comes as a breath of fresh air.

Rioux made his foray into live events with the debut of his series, CONNECT: Explorations In Electronic Psychedelia at Le Poisson Rouge during CMJ Festival in October. The monthly party serves to unite the performance-oriented electroniccommunity with which Rioux so closely identifies. In the following interview with the press, Erin describes his approach to live performance:

Derek: "How would you describe your band's live show?"

Erin: "I am not exactly in what you would call a band. I perform with a rotating cast of guest performers. This includes Aaron Julian Raposo on drums, CRUX on vocals, Stephon Alexander on sax, etcetera. Aaron is always there. Not me Erin, I mean Aaron with an 'a' Aaron. He's an excellent drummer and brings a great deal of energy.

Derek "And what is it that you do during your shows?"

Erin: "I sing and I play instruments such as the electronic drum pad, guitar, kalimba… I also move quite a bit and get very excited."

Derek: "And what is the response like?"

Erin: "Well, I have been called a couple of things by the press that I really quite like. One is 'soulful Brooklyn weirdo' and the other is "a musical R2-D2 of sorts". I'm not really sure what the latter means but aesthetically I like R2-D2. He is pragmatic. Is it a he? or she?"

Derek: "(laughs) I'm not sure."

—-October 2012

On November 27th, Rioux released Come On All You Ghosts (Remixed), a complete reinterpretation of the original record by the likes Phédre, AIMES, Beta Frontiers, and more. Rioux is completing two forthcoming albums for 2013, one of which is in collaboration with Trinidadian-American jazz musician and Dartmouth astrophysicist Stephon Alexander.

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