Sham is a singing and songwriting duo comprised of Damian Hudson and Brett Benowitz. Together they have a sound that can be compared to the jazz and funk sound of the old south. Yet, they have a unique blend with new aged production skill. Brett plays the acoustic, electric, and bass guitar. Damian plays the keys and drums. Their music is meant to blend drama with sound. The extremes of comedy & tragedy are heightened by the masks they often wear in videos and performances. These breakout artists are taking the NYC music scene by storm with their first album Watch The House available on iTunes, Spotify & Soundcloud.

Omega Sirius Moon

This Post Progressive Rock energy cross pollinates with delta blues, hip-hop, emo-grunge and jazz. As if that wasn’t enough, a lovely balance and heavy influence of native percussion instruments gives this project a uniquely tribal feel. On the new indie EP, The ANTIHERO Project, OSM returns to fans a more evolved musician. The Brooklyn based heart throb introduces us to her unapologetically brutal and beautifully abrasive guitar stylings, while flaunting her effortless ability to write vividly wilding epics that take the listener on an other-worldly journey through the heart and mind . OSM contends that this project was written for ”the REBELS & ROMANTICS of the world” yet maintains that ever present OSM theme of Esotericism, Divine Mathematics and of course, Magic. Currently touring state side and abroad.



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Sham with Omega Sirius Moon

Friday, October 11 · 10:00 PM at Parkside Lounge