Chrome Canyon

Chrome Canyon

Chrome Canyon is the solo project of composer / producer Morgan Z, who was a member of the NY underground cult band Apes & Androids. Since their break-up Morgan has spent his time collecting a wide range of rare analog synths and gear in his Brooklyn studio while writing, recording and producing his brand of original soundtrack sci-fi / space disco. His remixes (for artist such as Phoenix, Passion Pit, Anoraak, and Erika Spring) have been widely circulated and praised, and his remix of Foster the Peoples "Pumped Up Kicks" was in the Top 20 downloads of 2011 for and released as a b-side to the UK single. His first release "Body Music" was put out by the French label On The Fruit. His first full length "Elemental Themes" is due out later this year.

Cale Parks [HAKT]

The list of drummers that have found their way from the back of the stage into the limelight is, well, it's pretty short & mostly rooted in the post-prog pop landscape of England in the 70's. This is an appropriate reference point for Cale Parks who has held down the rhythm and pulse in such critically acclaimed & adventurous "indie rock" bands as Aloha, White Williams & Cex. His solo work has, since it's inception been a foray deep into texture, rhythm, pure sound and onwards into the heart of the song.

Dave Harrington [Other People] (DJ Set)

While producer/DJs are not uncommon in the slash-filled electronic music world, it's rare that an artist will venture beyond one slash. Two, maybe. Three, forget about it. And yet, here we have Dave Harrington, that rare musician whose adventurous ears and multi-instrumental chops have taken him well beyond the restrictions of genre and performance into a sort of holistic musical being, a slash-eschewing polyglot. These days, Harrington is known as one-half of duo DARKSIDE with Nicolas Jaar, as the guitar-and-effects wizard in Jaar's live band, and as an internationally booked DJ.

The NYC-bred Harrington's story is marked by obsessive genre-hopping, moving from jazz jam sessions to post-theatrical art productions, from conducting John Zorn's game piece COBRA to playing in Brooklyn indie-rock bands. After meeting electronic producer Nicolas Jaar, Harrington began playing in Jaar's touring band, and the two eventually collaborated on 2011's DARKSIDE EP, a 3-track slice of slow-moving minimalist funk that garnered rave reviews from Pitchfork, Resident Advisor, XLR8R and others. Alongside Jaar and as DARKSIDE, Harrington has toured the world, playing sold-out shows everywhere from Brooklyn's Music Hall of Williamsburg to London's Fabric and The Roundhouse, to clubs and venues across the US and Europe, and at festivals including Roskilde, Glastonbury, FYF, Lowlands, Oya, Flow, and Pukkelpop. In between tours, Harrington commands his own outfit, a noisy five-headed beast called EL TOPO, which synthesizes krautrock, drone, exotica, and Italian film scores into something altogether sinister and strange.

As a DJ, Harrington conjures a microcosm of a life spent in sonic experimentation, mixing far-flung sounds with those near and dear. Techno bangers mingle with out-jazz and international psych; indie rock rubs elbows with deep '70s fusion and house rave-ups. Harrington's live sets are journeys through progressively more alien soundscapes that swirl, shriek, and explode while remaining tethered to a floor-filling 4/4 beat. Whatever he lays his hands on, though, be it a bass guitar or an MPC, there's no mistaking Harrington's singular approach, born of a deep-rooted dedication to atmosphere, groove, and immersive listening experiences.

That Work (DJ Set)


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Chrome Canyon with Cale Parks [HAKT], Dave Harrington [Other People] (DJ Set), That Work (DJ Set)

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