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Eric Copeland

Eric Copeland currently lives and works in NYC, NY. He makes music with Bjorn Copeland and Aaron Warren in Black Dice. And he makes music alone as well. He has been doing this for sixteen years now and covered a vast territory in the musical landscape along the way. He is grateful to still be around and jamming new ideas for audiences around the world.

Regal Degal

Regal Degal is a power trio consisting of Josh da Costa [Gemini] on guitars and vocals, Josiah Wolfson [Libra] on bass, and Jamen Whitelock [Virgo] on drums. Formed in Brooklyn in late 2009, the group recently relocated to Los Angeles. The group's sound pulls omnidirectionally from across the musical spectrum, drawing from post-punk, krautrock, 60's psychedelic / freakbeat, 80's new wave and indie, German minimal house, and the music of Africa. The music could be described as hyper rhythm conscious, melodic, atmospheric, and kinetic, with one foot firmly in the past and an eye fixed towards the future. In the center resides Regal Degal, channeling and reinterpreting all individual and shared inspirations into a sound best referred to as DEEP ROCK.

Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits began in the spring of 2009, when a group of friends began to shamelessly smash their favorite music together. More often than not, that music was original. Refining it's dada roots and expanding it's participants, under the guise of Greatest Hits, these individuals have produced a catalogue spanning over 700 songs long in less than one year. Now working with independent labels worldwide and establishing their own imprint, GunkTVRecords, Greatest Hits is prepping new releases on vinyl and digital that one would have to buy or steal. There are also many videos and free downloads to be found in the depths of their website (

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