Ashen Embers

Ashen Embers

We are Ashen Embers, from the rocks and the ravines that grace the mountains of Conifer. The music is a blend of blues and folk, colored with ethereal tones. The vocals surround your skin, the bass and percussion makes you move without knowing, and perhaps the guitar will send you into the cosmos abyss. We are honored to be playing in this wonderful world of Denver's music scene.

the Kinky Fingers

Colorado’s Kool-Aid Kids. Music for psychedelic cowboys, honey dips, roadtrips, ranch-hands, city slickers, rainy days, desert daze, tomorrow, today, the beach, and the bay. They’ve cooked up a unique musical gumbo of Surf, Psych, Soul, & Country ~ Western flavors.

Bud Bronson + the Good Timers

Bud Bronson & The Good Timers are four regular guys who love playing rock & roll, having fun and exemplifying superior friendship on an everyday basis. Most of them grew up in the suburbs listening to pop-punk, except Luke, who grew up in a cabin in the middle of the Rocky Mountains listening to his dad play folk music with his friends. Today, the Good Timers play arena rock in dive bars and don’t ask for much except a couple free drink tickets and maybe some people who choose watching them over staring at their smartphones. Outside of playing music, the boys enjoy the same things that many other young American guys enjoy: baseball, bicycles, hot dogs, road trips, summertime and staying up past their bedtime. Their music may be loud, their koozies bar-beaten, and their riffs super sick, but make no mistake: these are four guys who aren’t afraid to tell their parents they love them.


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