Ashen Embers

Ashen Embers

We are Ashen Embers, from the rocks and the ravines that grace the mountains of Conifer. The music is a blend of blues and folk, colored with ethereal tones. The vocals surround your skin, the bass and percussion makes you move without knowing, and perhaps the guitar will send you into the cosmos abyss. We are honored to be playing in this wonderful world of Denver's music scene.

the Kinky Fingers

The Kinky Fingers are an Americana, Rock, and Santa Fe Surf trio from Denver, Colorado. Their sounds pull from the vaults and traditions of American music coast to coast, Canada to Mexico; blending elements of 50s and 60s rock, western swing, surf music, and the blues.

Bud Bronson + the Good Timers

"We created too good of a home life for them. They have no desire to go out in the world." Arty Bucco was sad because his kids didn't have much ambition to leave home. But what the hell did he expect? Him and his wife put delicious trays of stuffed shells on the dinner table every night. And their kids understood they could do whatever they wanted as long as they brought home a few good grades. Damn straight I didn't wanna go to college.I had all the beer I wanted in the woods behind Salt Brook. And while our parents were upstairs talking about zoning ordinances, we'd be in the basement, eating their food and watching Hooters bikini contests. It was all too good to be true. But as Matt Pryor ominously said, "All good things have endings..."


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Ashen Embers with the Kinky Fingers, Bud Bronson + the Good Timers, Bloodhound

Thursday, August 22 · Doors 8:00 PM / Show 9:00 PM at Hi-Dive

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