John Vanderslice

John Vanderslice

While it's true I did endure a terrible break-up at the beginning of writing this record, this is not a break up record. Dagger Beach is a put-me-the-fuck-back-together record.
The break up came in late 2011, after endless months of White Wilderness touring. I returned home to an empty house, and, as that's pretty unbearable when you're not quite right in the head, I decided to set out walking. I hiked the Lost Coast (36 miles of off-the-grid splendor in Southern Humboldt County), I hiked the entire 150-mile trail system of Pt. Reyes, I hiked for days, deep, deep in the woods, usually alone.
As I walked and walked, listening to records on repeat, I started obsessing about music again. Three records found their way into my psyche and inspired much of this new record: Joanna Newsom's Have One On Me, Silver Jews' The Natural Bridge, and Radiohead's King Of Limbs. I don't think you'll find traces of these records in Dagger Beach, but their spirit and fearlessness deeply affected me. (Hence the shout-out on the record to one of my lifelong heroes, David Berman.)

the Still Tide

The Still Tide is the turbulent and tender songwriting of Anna Morsett, the stormy voiced front woman of this Denver based indie-rock quartet. When Anna isn’t touring as a bassist with her other musical projects (Ark Life, These United States) or traveling the world as a guitar tech (Kaki King, Becca Stevens Band) she can be found coaxing songs out of her guitar and stitching words into their spacious and sweeping melodies. Often using alternate and open tunings as well as several different capos, her playing style is uniquely layered and intricate. Both chordal rock and lyrical finger-picking find their place within this textured sound.

While Anna often performs solo as The Still Tide, the band’s current release “Tinder” is a full tilt band collaboration. In the spring of 2012, after years of touring from coast to coast under the name Yet Cut Breath, the band launched a successful Kickstarter campaign that landed them in studios of Spaceman Sound to record their second album. A perfect follow up to their first release “Hinges” (2011), which they recorded in a small cabin in the woods of upstate New York, “Tinder” is wildly more explosive, bursting with heartfelt lyrics and rich guitar sounds.

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