LODRO, Life Size Maps, WHITE, Haybaby, Hippy, The Gradients

Born in a cavernous Brooklyn warehouse in the winter of 2013, LODRO is branded with an ominous desolation. Fueled by the intricate and shadowy perspectives of Jeremy Cox, Jigmae Baer (both formerly of Royal Baths), and Lesley Hann (formerly of Friends), the trio has made their presence known through a blitzkrieg of brilliantly unsettling live shows and a small glimpse down what promises to be a deep rabbit hole of analog home recordings. The neo noir punk outfit recently announced they will release their first 7" on the newly-formed Tracer Sounds in October of 2013 - a mere nine months after their first performance.

"A darker, paranoid underbelly haunts Magnifier from the very moment it opens with a tense hissing static...Filled with intricate instrumental flourishes, every song on Magnifier feels at the cusp of bursting at the seams"
- Jonny Leather (Mecca Lecca Recording Co.)


WHITE is the moniker for electronic musician Corey White, centered in Los Angeles.


The influence that Brooklyn has on the music we listen to is undeniable. As I take a step away from the hustle and bustle of a work trip I feel compelled to cover what is going on here tonight. As I scour the NYC scene a band with the name Haybaby grabs my attention. As I sit in my hotel introducing Haybaby to you I sense a certain emerging buzz. Spreading like a kindergarten classroom illness, from this blog to many, Haybaby has the genes to bust on the scene.

Haybaby is a garage rock trio that rides on heavy overtones and the vocals of Leslie Hong. Track, "Wash You" is the pick me up off the floor and slap me in the face wake-up call that we all love to be reminded of. This song is a genuine plea for change with the comforting support of rock n roll. Keep it on repeat.

A groovy band currently based in Queens / Brooklyn, NY.

The Gradients

"Brooklyn’s littered with rock bands. Each one bringing their own thing, but some far more polished than others. When I originally heard the Gradients demo recording, I knew there was something compositionally apt that was hardly communicated by the harsh aesthetic. Here, they present their formal debut, a self-titled EP release that ranges in emotive style and puts a proper sheen on the entire project".


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LODRO, Life Size Maps, WHITE, Haybaby, Hippy, The Gradients

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