Decadent Nation

Burning in the underground of modern music lies Decadent Nation. Since 2005, the group has charted a course of their own, touring nationwide and sharing the stage with the likes of Les Claypool, Three Days Grace, Candlebox and Chevelle. After two EPs and the release of their critically acclaimed 2010 full-length album So There Will Be No Doubt, DN embarked on a tour of military bases across the U.S. The group has even performed a handful of socio-politically themed guerilla concerts along the way. Entering into 2012, the band has begun work on their follow-up album titled Fortaleza. DN promises the effort to be “a collection of songs that would make seventies Rock Gods proud.”

DN has a wide range of influences. Their sound infuses the sounds of rock, metal, reggae and folk music. Their live show is epic to say the least. The band pushes the envelope show after show, bringing out the beast in all who are present, with epic guitar solos and visceral stage performance, DN leaves the crowd begging for more on a nightly basis.

Ghost in the Machine

Missouri-based alternative metal band, Ghost in the Machine (GITM), was founded by guitarists Bryan Kay and Dan Schram, bassist Billy Dearing, drummer TJ White, and vocalist Jeff Blumer in the fall of 2004. During the band’s formative years, they climbed rapidly up the local ranks and played every high profile stage and venue in Mid-Missouri as they developed their own unique sound and emotionally-charged live show.

Like many bands, lineup changes plagued them for many of their early years. After releasing their 2005 self-titled EP, drummer TJ White was replaced by Letter by Hour drummer, Chris Loeffler. The band spent the next few years writing new music and developing a rock-solid fan base all across the Midwest. Shortly before the release of their long-awaited 2010 full length album, “Equip to Cope,” bassist Billy Dearing was replaced by Farewell to a Legend bassist, Ethan Mueller. Just months after the release of “Equip to Cope” both Mueller and vocalist, Jeff Blumer, mutually left the band to pursue school and family interests. The remaining members (Kay, Schram, and Loeffler), relentlessly forged ahead for the next year writing and recording, never breaking the band’s long-time routine of weekly rehearsals. They saw the circumstances as an opportunity to take their music to new places, refine themselves as musicians, and have fun jamming with new talent.

The new lineup was finally complete in the fall of 2011 with the addition of bassist Jonathan Hagood and vocalist Evan Thomas, who were both members of St. Louis band Key to My Spaceship. The band hit the ground running, opening for national acts, performing across the midwest, and even winning 105.7 The Point’s Battle for Pointfest in May of 2012, which found them opening for Incubus, Chevelle, Cypress Hill, and P.O.D. at the acclaimed St. Louis summer festival.

Now with a powerful new sound and a couple of fresh faces, GITM is more focused and driven than ever before. Maintaining their status as a must-see live act, they have directed their efforts toward the growing St. Louis music scene, with intentions to keep stretching further and further outward. The band recently finished recording their highly-anticipated new EP “Earth Island” which is slated to release in November of 2012.

The Many Colored Death

The Many Colored Death is a hard rock trio based out of Columbia, Missouri. With influences ranging from Black Sabbath and King's X to Muse and RATM, they've forged a sound uniquely theirs, while not wholly unfamiliar. Described by one fan as "a silky mixture of 70's rock and early 90's grunge", The MCD are driven by a desire to make real, honest rock music for real rock music fans. Featuring a thundering rhythm section that would make Bonham and John Paul Jones proud, and a guitarist/vocalist who is equal parts Robin Trower, King Buzzo, and David Gilmour, their brand of rock is both quiet and loud, dark and light. A veritable yin yang of sound and emotion. Soulful lyrics and melodies float effortlessly over the pounding surf of complex polyrhythms and groove laden riffs. This band doesn’t play loud so you can hear the music.

They play loud so you can feel it

Hollow Pointe Heroes

For some people Hollow Point Heroes is St. Louis, Missouri's number one rock band. For many others they are a voice speaking an anthem of truth and dignity. From the time the band was formed they have been a mass producing factory of soul driven guitar riffs accompanied by powerful rhythmic bass lines, heart felt lyrics and metal punk driven drum patterns. Although, the four brothers that make up the group haven't always known they were destined to play music together and accomplish great things.

The band consists of four members, Josh McQuay as the lead vocalist, Mike O'Rourke as rhythm and lead guitarist, Todd Pitman playing the bass guitar and Jeremy Cole playing the drums. All members made a decision early in their lives to use their skills as musicians. They have also used every opportunity presented to them to strengthen their personalities and talents to make them overall better musicians.

For the first few months of the bands career they were known as Victims Of The Fury. Due to issues with dedication, the groups first months were riddled with uncertainty and doubt. After a couple of member changes the band finally found the correct elements to continue their journey as Hollow Point Heroes. Immediately after their first show as H.P.H. the four friends knew they had something great and that they needed to pursue this dream to its' fullest potential.

Hollow Point Heroes has played venues all over from St. Louis, Missouri to Nashville, Tennessee. Their greatest triumph thus far has been their opportunity to play at one of Missouri's largest music festivals, Pointfest presented by 105.7 the point. In front of a crowd of 5,000 people they proved not only to themselves but to everyone else that they have the potential with hard work to become the greatest rock band to ever emerge from St.Louis.

H.P.H. is not only a band, but a brotherhood standing four strong trying to be heard in this extremely loud world. Their work ethic is unlike any other and their faith in music can never be broken. From drug addiction to broken hearts their songs touch many. Hollow Point Heroes is a standing testament to the people that when staring into even the darkest of times, hard work, dedication and staying true to yourself will always prevail. Follow your dreams, you only live once.


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