Bain Mattox

Bain Mattox's dark melodious songs come from a point of view that bases itself on story-telling from an arm's distance. He accompanies himself with oddly tuned guitars, banjo, and accordion playing songs from all of his albums and sometimes playing obscure covers.
After a long hiatus from touring, Mattox is revisiting his and his fans favorite songs as well as new songs from the past 5 years that have yet to see the light of day.

Jesse Clasen

You know him from HRVRD and THE BEAR ROMANTIC. “Live music has so much potential for greatness,” expresses HRVRD vocalist Jesse Clasen. “To me, a studio recording is a snapshot of where a song is at that moment, and it should always continue to evolve and take on new perspectives. Live performances are opportunities to share something unique and beautiful with your audience…I’ve always admired the artists that let their songs blossom into something new and exciting even after they’ve been recorded.”

Clasen's solo performance contains elements of HRVRD's haunting sound blends of intricate and cinematic guitar riffs with dark, passionate lyrics and powerful, driving rhythms. Clasen’s ethereal voice defies genres and offers vast vocal range with a wide spectrum of stylistic tones that stand out as notable without overpowering...

$10.00 - $12.00


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